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WWHISPER is a social platform & independent news channel


On the Social Platform, you can create your own profile, and post messages that are visible on the platform to all users and can be liked and commented on. You can build your own list of friends and your friends can also look up old messages from you via a search function. No more endless scrolling and searching for a post from 2 months ago. It's at your fingertips for both you and other users.


Other social media are full of fake profiles and bots. Users' identities are not checked. Anyone can create a multitude of profiles with a fake name and bash other users undisturbed. Not so with us.  To use WWHISPER, you need to sign up for a subscription of your choice via your email address, after which you can create a profile. We check if the identities of both matches. If not, you will receive an invitation to reconcile your profile with your true identity. If not, your profile will be deleted.


Freedom of expression. Not an empty promise but a guarantee. You are completely free to post whatever you want. The house rules only provide a code of conduct on basic courtesy between users.


At WWHISPER you are safe. Your identity is known only by the organisation and other subscribers, who are all real people with their true identities.  You do not risk bashing from illustrious strangers. You decide how long you remain a subscriber. Your data is safe with us. They are not sold to third parties for marketing or other purposes and remain confidential with strict compliance with the GDPR rules.


Big Tech offers free use of its social media and makes billions in profit annually thanks to advertising revenue and subsidies from governments and other stakeholders. The downside of free of all charge is that you, the user, have no rights and the medium decides what you can and cannot do. These days, there is more not allowed than is allowed and accounts and posts are constantly blocked, deleted or shadowed. Not so with us. WWHISPER is completely independent. It finances its costs and expenses thanks to users' subscriptions.  You pay, so you decide.


On the news channel, you will find regularly up-to-date, truthful, information on politics, the economy, society, welfare and health that you can like and comment on. You can also debate and exchange views with other users.


The site has a search function that allows you to retrieve any article ever published. Type a keyword in the search function and you will see all the articles where this word appears either in the title or in the text. A handy tool, isn't it?

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