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  • Subscription purchase
    Click on 'Subscriptions' in the menu bar at the top right. ( mobile version or desktop ) Select the subscription of your choice ( click on the button ). A pop-up will then appear asking you to subscribe. Type your e-mail address and choose a password. Click that you agree to the terms of use and confirm. Choose your payment method Credit/debit cards or PayPal. Enter your payment details and then your first name, last name, address, city, country & postal code. Click on 'Buy now'. Pay for the subscription. As soon as the payment is registered, you will have immediate access to the news and the social platform for the duration of your subscription.
  • Log in and log out
    You can choose to stay permanently logged in to Wwhisper ( default setting ). If you want to stay logged in, we recommend downloading and installing the app on your smartphone or desktop. During your first visits, Wwhisper will ask you if you wish to download the app and show you the link. Those who only work via desktop will notice that once you have visited Wwhisper a number of times, the link with Wwhisper's logo will automatically appear on your search engine homepage as a frequently visited site. If you do not wish to remain permanently logged in, you can log out by clicking on your profile picture with username at the top right under the navigation bar ( behind this button is a menu ). A dropdown will then appear with : my profile, my subscriptions, my account and logout. Click on logout. When you want to log back in, there are two ways to do so : either you click on an article on the news channel. In that case a pop-up will appear asking you to enter your login details ( email address and password ). Enter your login details, confirm and you are logged in. Alternatively, click on 'log in' at the top right of the menu bar. Fill in your email address and password and you have access to the website.
  • Language selection settings
    Wwhisper is available in 3 languages. Your smartphone or desktop basically determines in which language you will see the news items. If your device is configured in English you will see the English version of Wwhisper. If it is configured in French or Dutch, you will see the language of this version. However, you can always change your language settings to another language and also switch at any time from one language to another. To do so, click on the language menu NL - F - ENG at the top of the page and make your choice.
  • Create a profile on the social platform
    Once you have purchased a subscription, you will automatically have a profile on Wwhisper which you can edit as you wish, except for your first and last name. Your profile name must be the same as the one appearing on your payment details. This is checked by Wwhisper. No fake profiles are allowed on Wwhisper and therefore no nicknames or fake names either.
  • Create or change profile picture
    Click on your ( empty ) profile picture and name at the top right. A drop-down will appear with " my profile, my subscriptions, my account etc... Click on 'Profile' and then on the button with the first letter of your name. Both your smartphone and the desktop computer will now automatically go to your images. Select a photo on your computer/smartphone ( click ). Your chosen photo will be automatically uploaded to Wwhisper. Please note that the maximum upload capacity of a photo is maximum 15 MB.
  • Edit profile
    Click right on your profile picture or name. A drop-down with a menu will appear. Click on 'Profile' and then on 'Edit profile'. Adjust your details and then click on 'update profile'.
  • How to search and find other subscribers?
    In the toolbar at the top right, click on " members ". In the search function, type the name of the person you are looking for. A list of people with the same or a similar name will appear. Make your choice. Then click on " follow " or click on the person's photo, go to his or her profile and click on follow on the profile page.
  • How to open and read an article?
    Click on the title of the article. The article will appear. Please note that if you only click on the image, nothing will happen.
  • How to post on the social platform
    In the menu bar at the top of the website, click on 'Platform'. Then click on 'Create new post'. First, type a title for your post. Then type text to fill your post with content. Would you like to add a photo or video? Click on the camera ( for a photo ) video camera ( for a video ), gif or emoji at the bottom of your post. Then click on 'Publish'. Your message will immediately appear on the platform ( the wall ) and will be visible to all subscribers. It will also appear, unlimited in time, on your profile page.
  • How to react to a news article or a post from another subscriber?
    News articles: Under a subscriber’s comment, you will find a button 'react'. Click on this button. A box will appear where you can add a comment or emoji. Type your comment and click on 'publish'. Social platform: below a subscriber's comment on your article or someone else's article, you will find a 'respond' button. A box will appear with a space where you can post a comment/reaction or emoji. Type your comment and click on 'publish'.
  • How to like or comment on a subscriber's post on the social platform or a news article
    News articles: login, click on an article of your choice. Scroll down. At the bottom of the article, you will find a button for comments or an emoji. Click on the emoji or write your comment Press 'publish'. Posts by subscribers on the social platform: go to the Platform ( wall ), and click on an article or post of your choice on the forum. You will see a space for comments or an emoji at the bottom of the message. Type your comment and press 'publish'.
  • How to search for an old news article
    On Wwhisper's information channel, you can use keywords to retrieve all articles ever published. Log in. Click on any article. In the right-hand corner at the top of this article, you will see a magnifying glass. Type the keyword of your choice in the predefined box next to this magnifying glass. Wwhisper will then show you all articles in which this keyword appears, either in the title or in the text. Handy tool to refresh your memory or get an overview of everything published on a particular topic.
  • How to react to a comment from others on a news article or your own message
    News articles: under the comment of a subscriber you will find a button 'react'. Click on this button. A box will appear where you can add a comment or emoji. Type your comment or emoji and click on 'publish'. Forum: below a subscriber's comment on your own article or someone else's article, you will find a 'respond' button. A box will appear with a space where you can post a comment/reaction or emoji. Type your comment or emoji and click on 'publish'.
  • How to delete a comment or emoji
    On the right of your comment ( for an article on the news channel or the social platform ) there are 3 vertical dots. Click on those vertical dots. A menu appears with 'Copy Link', 'Report', 'Mark as Best Reply', and 'Delete'. Click on 'Delete'. Wwhisper will ask you in a pop-up whether you are sure you want to delete your comment. Confirm by clicking 'Delete' again.
  • Sharing new articles and own posts
    Newsarticles are not public and therefore cannot be shared on other social media. Although there is a link to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin that you can copy, only a link to Wwhisper will appear on the social media of your choice. The same applies to own posts on the forum. These too can only be read and commented on by subscribers. On the other hand, subscribers' news items and articles or posts on the forum can be shared between subscribers. To share news messages between subscribers: click on the article; scroll all the way down; at the bottom of the article there is a 'link' button ( in the form of a chain ), click on this button, then the link will appear in a pop-up; then click on 'share link'. Further click on your desktop click on 'control-v' ( paste ) or on your mobile according to the type of device on 'paste' and then choose the site on which you want the link to be copied. To share your own articles from the forum : click on the article. Below the article is a frame. To the right of this frame are 3 vertical dots. Click on these dots.. A menu appears with 'share link', 'report', 'mark as best answer' and 'delete'. Click on 'share link'. The link will then appear on your clipboard. Then click on 'control - v' ( paste ) and select the medium on which you want to place the link. For mobile version see above.
  • How to have private conversations with other members or with Wwhisper?
    Click on " members chat " at the bottom right of each page. An overview of all subscribers will appear. Type the name of the person you want to communicate within the search box. This person's profile will appear. Write your message and click on send. Once you have sent a single message to another subscriber, the communication remains in your chat box and you can continue chatting without having to search for the profile. In a separate zone, you can also send a message to Wwhisper. Messages from subscribers are usually answered within 24 hours.
  • Termination and renewal of subscription
    Thirty days and again seven days before your subscription expires, you will receive an invitation to renew your subscription via email. If you do not renew your subscription, your subscription will expire on the expiry date and you will no longer have access to Wwhisper. Your account will be placed on non-active status but will still be visible to other subscribers who can continue to read your old posts, but not to you unless you still renew your subscription.
  • Report a problem
    Are you bothered by inappropriate content and wish to report it to Wwhisper? On the forum, click on the article with inappropriate content. Below the article is a button with three vertical dots to the right. Click on it. A menu will appear. Click on 'report'. Write your comments in the box and then click again on 'report'. Wwishper Security will take note of your complaint or comment. Ifjustified, appropriate action will be taken. In any case, Wwhisper Security monitors the social platform on a daily basis.
  • Delete profile
    Subscribers cannot delete their profile themselves. You can request deletion of your profile via the ( public ) contact form. This can be done both during the subscription period and after the expiry of your subscription, if you do not renew it. You will receive a written confirmation of removal of your profile via email. In accordance with GDPR legislation, your data will however be kept for 5 years, counting as from your last interaction with Wwhisper. Please read the privacy conditions and GDPR rules.
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