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Top adviser to the WEF is the messenger. He travels the world for speeches and interviews and says out loud what the real plans are. That those plans are not fabrications, we see very concretely through the rapid development of all kinds of technologies, the manufacturing of microchips, nanobots, 5 and 6G, robots and AI.

It is particularly strange that no media outlet - which until further notice is still staffed by people who usually have a family and children, a father, a mother, brothers and sisters - pays any attention to this, any more than to all the promotional videos of the WEF ( hundreds since 2013 ) where their plans in progress are systematically neatly explained. Nor is any attention paid by the media and governments to the intensive cooperation between the WEF and the UN, which has recently, just as openly, announced a contract to accelerate the implementation of Agenda2030.

Furthermore, no attention is paid to the fact that both Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Prime Minister Mark Rutte are " agenda facilitators " of the WEF and a multitude of other ministers from just about every country walk the floor of the WEF and Davos ( including, among others, the currently discredited minister Petra De Sutter and minister of energy Tine Van Der Straeten ), not to mention Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon.

By the way, did you know that the Flemish Government donated more than 175 million euros to the WEF in 2022 ?

What all these ministers are up to behind our backs and what laws they push through is not highlighted either. They are all very actively collaborating on Agenda2030 and the WEF's plans. Klaus Schwab proudly proclaimed some time ago that " they " have infiltrated all governments.

That says it all, doesn't it ? They have placed their puppets in all key positions. And NO ONE within the regional and federal government and media outlets blinks an eye. What does this say about them ? And what does this say about us that we stand by watching and do NOTHING either ?

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