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The press paid little attention to King Charles' second son.

Harry attended the coronation but left immediately afterwards without exchanging a single word with anyone.

He was not even present on the balcony.

Harry reportedly left to celebrate his son Archie's birthday.

Is this plausible ?

From Westminster Abbey to Heathrow airport is at least an hour's drive, possibly more given the high density of civilians present and the traffic jams. Harry is no longer entitled to a police escort.

Checking in at Heathrow, count another hour and probably more because even if he flew on a private jet, the plane had to get clearance from the tower to taxi and take off ( which depends on the number of planes on hold, Heathrow is always very crowded ). Harry no longer gets preferential treatment. Then about another 7 hours of flying towards LA and another hour or two from LAX to Santa Barbara. A simple addition shows that Harry - notwithstanding the compensation for the time difference - couldn't possibly have made it back home before nightfall to celebrate his birthday with Archie.

Other possible reason for his immediate departure could be : the conflict with his father and brother William, but, surely, for such an important occasion as a coronation, the existing frictions could be put aside for the greeting of the people on the balcony. It seems unlikely that Charles would have forbidden this, even though Harry is no longer a prince. He is still his son and the people's interests take precedence over his own.

Have we now looked at all possible reasons ? No.

What if the person crowned on 8 May 2023 was not Charles, but his body double ? It is certainly not the first time Charles has had a body double turn up, even for interviews with the press.

Charles has several body doubles that he deploys on occasion.

Look for the real one in the compilation photo below.

Arguments pro body double :

- the coronation ceremony has been practiced intensively beforehand, with Charles ( or his body double ? )

- Although the ceremony was intensively rehearsed, Charles read off even the simplest phrases he had to say ( such as " yes I am willing " ) from a paper placed next to him before every fraction of the ceremony.

The real Charles is not senile. He is gifted, articulate and has been in the business for more than 60 years. The press has marveled that he needed cheat sheets while Elisabeth knew everything by heart at her coronation. Charles also knows the duties like the back of his hand ( which is obviously not so for a body double ).

- Charles was very tense throughout the ceremony. He looked very insecure which is highly unusual. Usually he feels like a fish out of water regardless of the situation. He is used to it. He was also very serious the whole time, not even a smile could come off, let alone a broad smile where his teeth were visible.

- King Philip and Mathilde, King Willem Alexander and Maxima, Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene, President Macron and Brigitte and a few others of royal blood attended the ceremony but many others did not. Neither did most state leaders, not even those who run the Common Wealth. No African leaders, no leaders from the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and virtually no state leaders from most EU countries. Ursula and husband were there but Joe Biden was not. He sent his wife Jill. Trudeau, absent. According to the media, they were not pictured. Why not? At Charles' wedding to Camilla, they were all pictured, though. Highly unusual for a coronation, West Minster Abbey is filled with Hollywood stars like Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Nick Cave. Weird. Very weird.

Wild speculation ? Definitely not. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing at all.

According to the Swiss press, Charles' health has not been going well since Elisabeth's death. Heart problems. Of course, you don't just cancel a coronation ceremony when the king is " ill ". There's too much at stake. Just like that, the coronation ceremony cost £130 million.

Would you stay if you knew it was all a set-up, a fraudulent theater show with a body double?

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