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Between May 2020 and today, billions of PCR tests have been processed worldwide within the frame of the Covid19 crisis. Before May 2020, there were none, but suddenly every country had millions of supplies. Who manufactured this gigantic amount of PCR tests, where and when they were ordered by and delivered to each country, how much they cost in purchase and how distribution and handling functioned, remains a mystery.

There is no transparency whatsoever. All governments keep their lips tightly sealed. No information is released.

Very little is known about the labs that process the PCR tests. Who appointed the labs? On the basis of which criteria? Have the labs been subjected to a prior investigation to check whether they act according to the rules of science and have all the necessary instruments to process PCR tests according to scientific standards? How were and are PCR tests processed ? Are the labs and the results they present checked by an external control body ? No information has been released on all this either. Stop nagging, just do it.

All countries have established legislation with rules and criteria on the mandatory PCR test for all those who have been in contact with an ' infected ' person. Very curiously, however, no country has put in writing any rules on what to do with the processed PCR tests. Even more peculiar is the observation that no information can be found on any government website about the fate of the PCR tests after they have been processed by a lab or hospital. A team of researchers spent days in a row scouring the internet to find any information. They found nothing, with the exception of 1 article of the US newspaper USA TODAY from September 2020 which stated that PCR tests are destroyed within 4 weeks. Any confirmation of such destruction has not been found anywhere. No database, not even a simple notification.

A PCR testkit contains the DNA of the person who underwent the test.

From a strictly legal point of view, each patient should give written permission for the collection of a sample of his DNA and RNA for the sole purpose of testing for the possible presence of viral molecules ( after amplification ). This consent for limited purposes should also clearly state what will be done with the sample after the examination. If it is destroyed, it should state who, when and how the sample is destroyed. If the sample is stored after processing, clear information should also be provided and patients legally have to authorize to further use their DNA for scientific purposes. All this never happened. Why not? What happens with processed PCR tests ? What do they do with the materials? Are they destroyed ? Or kept for further research ? If so, where and with which underlying authorisation ? Why is this important information withheld from the people ? Since the team of researchers did not find any answer to all these questions, one of them, put the question, on a whim, into the AI chatbot CHATGPT, which, according to media reports, reportedly provides truthful answers to questions based on the billions of data scientists have fed into the chatbot.

CHATGPT's response is as follows : " PCR tests are usually not destroyed. Both positive and negative results of a test are typically recorded and used for medical, epidemiological or research purposes. The physical samples such as nasal and throat swabs may also be stored for a certain period in case it is needed for further research. The specific handling and storage of processed PCR tests depends on the local laws and regulations of each country as well as the policies of the laboratories or health institutions that processed the PCR test "

If the information provided by CHATGPT is correct ( and we assume it is ) the governments of all countries have the DNA of about 6 billion earthlings. Why ? Certainly not to map the human genome because that has long been a fact. Between 1990 and 2003, an international team of scientists completely mapped the human genome, based on millions of DNA samples. This project is known as " The Human Genome Project "

So why? What is the purpose of collecting the DNA of the entire world population ? This question takes very pertinent proportions when one considers that on 10.09.2020, the UK passed a law ( Act 2020/973) that authorised all governments - for the purpose of counter-terrorism and national security - to collect the DNA of all Britons in the UK and the Commonwealth between 01.10.2020 and 24.03.2021, extendable only once for a period of 6 months.

The UK, alone, is home to 60 million people. How do you collect the DNA of 60 million people within a time frame of less than a year? Simple. Through PCR tests made mandatory under the pretext of a deadly virus that ultimately turns out not to have been so deadly.

Collecting the DNA of the entire worldpopulation has obviously not been a decision of the moment. It was planned long in advance and neatly prepared. The Dutch giant NV QIAGEN ( ° 1984 ), specialising in- among other things - the development and sale of PCR tests, with branches in 25 countries, announced on 08.01.2019 the acquisition of the US company Formulatrix (°2002) with the mention that they would invest with joined forces in the development of a digital PCR platform. At that time, there was no viral world crisis in view.

On 03.03.2020, QIAGEN was sold for the staggering price of 10.4 billion euros to US-based Thermo Fisher Scientific, who supplied the world with PCR test kits during the crisis. Indeed, the millions of PCR test kits traded between a multitude of countries through WITS in 2017, 2018 and 2019 did not meet the demands.

The Belgian federal government has vehemently denied the trading of massive amounts of PCR tests 3 years before the crisis and dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. The mention Polymere Chaine Reaction Testkit was immediately modified on WITS into " medical test kits " but they did not do their homework properly. There are always traces of international transactions available on different other bodies, such as FIT ( Flanders Investment and Trade ) who had also registered the same large quantities of international treatises of PCR test kits, by date.

Why did they lie about this ?

Patients' rights are systematically severely violated. Governments wipe the floor with all laws that protect citizens and their rights. That all citizens have been subjected to nonsensical freedom-restricting measures that have seriously damaged the world and its economy is in itself inexcusable. However, that governments have secretly collected DNA from all citizens and keep it, record it, store it and/or continue to use it for research purposes, without the formal consent of these citizens is totally unacceptable.

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