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The Department of Defense is in principle only competent for domestic and foreign defense matters as well as the protection of the American People aka homeland security, right ? Well, not so in the US.

In the video below Commander Laura Richardson describes how much the Department of Defense is involved in the competition, the negotiation (manipulation) and purchase of rare earth elements such as lithium - besides also oil, sweet crude ( = less than % sulfur ), copper, gold, the Amazon, and fresh water.

In this link you will find the the DoD's budget estimate for 2023.

Under the auspices of Joe Biden DoD requests for a staggering 733 billion dollars ( just for one year, help to Ukraine not included )

and in this link the spendings over the period of 1947 till 2022 (included )

The first document contains 92 pages and the second even 327 pages but both are a must read. The involvement of the DoD in matters that do not belong to its competence are mindblowing. Among a series of other things you will read in the budget estimate that DoD military and pilots administered 13 million Covid jabs to civilians ....

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