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Donald Trump has been formally indicted by the Grand Jury in Manhattan over alleged payments during the 2016 presidential campaign to cover up an extramarital sexual encounter. It is the first criminal case ever against a former US president.

Prosecutors of Democratic persuasion are preparing his arrest. It will reportedly take place next Tuesday. Donald Trump has already announced his surrender and stated that an arrest is not necessary.

In recent hours Trump has also called key allies on Capitol Hill and told them he will contest the charges. Among those he called were lawmakers who sit on committees trying to investigate the district attorney's office in Manhattan.

At a time of deep political division, the indictments are more likely to reinforce than change the dual perspectives of those who believe accountability is long overdue and those who, like Trump, believe the Republican is being targeted by a Democratic prosecutor for political purposes.

Meanwhile, supporters have already started fundraising for his trial. The more than 300 million Republicans are shocked and consider that an arrest for the facts charged is going way too far. Unrest is expected.

It is indeed highly questionable that a former president and current presidential candidate for the Republicans is treated in such a manner. All the more so now that the porn actress involved has confirmed in 2018, in a written statement, that the alleged affair never took place ( see earlier article ).

There are numerous things happening within the Democrat camp that are many times worse, but which are not criminally prosecuted but on the contrary covered up with the help of the FBI, CIA, military chiefs of staff and Supreme Court judges.

This is clearly a witch-hunt against Trump with the sole intention of his elimination.

Below Trump's statements with regard to his indictment :

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