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According to tradition, a human skeleton measuring about 24m was discovered. in 1938, during excavations on the top of acropolis of Cumae, near the temple of Jupiter,

In principle, this find should have been exhibited during the great exhibition of 1939. However, due to the impending war, they bones were stored in the Neopolitan museum where they fell into oblivion. In 2022, the documentation of these findings were discovered again, a replica of the original skeleton has been manufactured and since November 2022 on display for everyone to see.

Those interested in seeing the replica bones up close can visit the Naples Archaeological Museum, room ' Sala della Meridiana ".

Many skeletons of giants ranging in length from 2.5 metres ( which was highly unusual in the past when the average length for a man was barely 1.67 metres ) to 9 metres and more have been found worldwide. However, the find in Naples surpasses everything and is, until further notice, the only one of its kind.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, every skeleton finding came with pictures in the newspapers. So there are also a lot of newspaper articles about these finds and, incidentally, a lot of relics such as utensils used by these giant peoples.

More giant skeletons have been found in a recent past. Many more are suspected to be hidden in the earth.

There is much debate in science about the historical existence of giant people.

A certain tendency claims that it is all nonsense, the photographs a hoax, the old newspaper articles fabricated. They state that the few skeletons found concern persons who suffered from a genetic defect, or gigantism.

That the existence of giant peoples is denied and no effort is made to investigate further can easily be explained. If their existence is recognised, it will be certain that history has been falsified and things are not as suggested.

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