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The Swiss Federal Health Service has stopped covid vaccinations and withdrawn all recommendations, even for the highest-risk groups.

In addition, it has reported that liability for vaccine damage lies with vaccinating doctors.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Switzerland is moving towards a "solution". While this is a good thing, it is also far from any kind of reassessment - and gives insight into the power of the pharmaceutical industry.

Surprisingly, the Swiss Federal Office of Health (FOPH) has taken very different steps from those taken earlier this week in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and also Belgium.

Indeed, in the UK, they are now starting covid vaccinations in toddlers aged between 6 months and 4 years. About 60,000 vulnerable children will receive an injection. Health authorities have recommended 2 injections.

The other countries cited above are also starting back with a round of vaccination but mainly in the older population.

How is it possible that there is no uniformity or at least a look beyond their own borders when a particular country stops all vaccinations? The least they can do is ask questions about the reason for stopping vaccination.

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