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What do you desire in terms of information, social communication, freedom of expression and security ?

Fill in the survey and help us to gain a clear understanding of your wishes and desires. (*)

Share the link of the survey with as many as possible of your loved ones, friends as well as social contacts on social media and beyond and invite them to also participate in the survey. By doing so, you will help WWhisper grow and make its services better.

The aim is to make of WWhisper, both nationally and internationally, a large, fun and safe community, as a worthy alternative to Facebook but with that little bit more. In fact, Wwhisper is much more than a social platform and information channel. It is also a great database where you can use the search function to endlessly look back up old articles, read them and download the sources.

There has been thought a lot about the social platform of the future.

The place to be.

(*) The survey is only available in Dutch. Share with your Dutch friends and contacts.

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