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Since the start of the vaccination campaign with the mRNA product, there have been many " sudden " deaths in all age groups in all countries where mass vaccination has taken place,

This phenomenon does not occur in nations where no or very few vaccinations have been carried out, such as Africa, nor on continents where a traditional home-made vaccine has been used, such as China and Russia.

The fact that the sudden deaths occur mainly in the West or in places where the mRNA has been used raises questions.

The mainstream media has kept the sharp increase in sudden deaths silent for a long time. Those who dared to claim that the deaths were due to the mRNA vaccine were dismissed as " conspiracyists ' and banned or blocked on social media. All documentaries, reports, concrete evidence of blood tests of vaccinated people, comparative studies of blood of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, surgical operations on vaccinated people, autopsies of deceased vaccinated people, where in each case blood clot formation was clearly detected, were and still are routinely deleted.

In certain countries such as, for example, the U.K. and Australia, citizens can consult updated mortality rates as well as causes of death on a weekly basis.

In the EU and Belgium and the Netherlands, among others, the figures are withheld.

The Health Belgium website has not updated its data since August 2022 and October 2022 respectively

Statbel provides only very general information. Its statistics are no longer consultable. No data on the number of deaths and the formal cause of death as acted on the death certificate have been released since 2019. In 2022, 116,500 deaths were reportedly recorded or 5.5% more than average. These deaths are not due to corona. To what then is nowhere mentioned.

Big Tec, the media and all governments are doing everything in their power to cover up the unbearable truth.

Now we have reached a point where the sudden deaths and, for that matter, the sharp rise in deaths from all kinds of diseases can no longer be ignored but the media is playing a hypocritical game.

Recently, newspaper articles have been appearing in just about all Western countries reporting significant excess mortality and sudden deaths without, however, linking these deaths to mass vaccination. They reportedly do not know why.

Simultaneously, articles also appear almost daily in all Western countries trying to convince the public that one can die suddenly due to heart failure if one bends down to tie one's laces, sleeps in the wrong position, spends too long in the shower and so on. It is too crazy for words what all the media come up with to explain sudden deaths. It is the biggest cover-up of all times.

The many side effects of the mRNA have been recorded in official databases such as Vigi Access ( WHO database ), Vaers ( USA database ) and Eudravigileance ( EU database ) since the inception of vaccination.

Hundreds of doctors, scientists and other professionals have shown in a multitude of studies and video recordings of microscope images that mRA cause severe blood clots leading to sudden death.

Quite a few documentaries and reports with interviews by high-level professionals are circulating on the internet, all coming to the same conclusion.

See, for example, this one out of a series of many others.

Pfizer's internal post-vaccination reports also show that it knew as early as April 2021 that its mRNA product caused serious side effects that could lead to death. The report in question contains eight typed pages and a total of more than 400 serious side effects.

Notwithstanding an overwhelming amount of evidence that vaccines do not do what they promise but, on the contrary, cause many side effects with potentially fatal outcomes that translate into more and more sudden deaths in all age groups, governments nevertheless continue to vaccinate their country's population while it is established in the meantime, hat there exists no indication that could justify it. None.

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