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There has been much ado in recent days about a large Chinese spy balloon that reportedly flew into the United States via Canada and is said to be hovering over the state of Montana. According to the Department of Defence, the balloon is not causing any nuisance because it hangs well above civil aviation flight paths but will not be shot down because the debris would cause too much damage. Strange because a balloon consists of not much else but plastic filled with helium and otherwise equipped with a few measuring devices and cameras and possibly also a stearing system. All these devices are, by definition, small in size and lightweight. So the damage-causing argument seems to be more of a pretext.

China vehemently denies that it violated US airspace and immediatelyinforrmed the world in a formal statement, that it strictly respects international rules.

The Americans, however, persist that the balloon belongs to the Chinese. although there is no shred of evidence of this. The issue could easily be resolved by taking the balloon out of the sky but that is not happening.

This morning, a massive explosion occurred in Montana, high in the sky, at the location where the balloon as been seen. No one knows whether the explosion is related to the balloon or not. There is no explanation ( yet ).

A second Chinese spy balloon was reportedly seen in Canada, but this has not yet been confirmed either. What has been confirmed though is the presence of another Chinese balloon over South America. Where exactly is not known yet.

The media are speculating. China keeps repeating that it has nothing to do with it but that is swept under the carpet.

Similarly this morning, the Pentagon has stated that the balloon is not an ordinary balloon but an aircraft moving on and floating now in the central part of the USA. Why are the NSA and DOD allowing the balloon to continue moving in US airspace ? This doesn't make any sense.

Is this effectively an ancient method of espionage visible to the naked eye and on all radars or is this a false flag to divert attention from something else ?

Breadcrumbs and play charts to keep the people busy while all sorts of other things are being cooked up behind the scenes ?

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