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The past week there has been a lot of buzz in the world press about ultra-secret documents that were allegedly leaked and had been circulating for weeks on social media and messaging services such as Telegram, Twitter and Discord.

Not a day went by without us being whipped around with this topic.

The documents are reportedly part of a wider leak that the Pentagon has described as a "very serious" national security risk. It has also reportedly caused Washington a diplomatic headache, as these documents appear to show that the US is spying on close allies like South Korea and Israel.

Some files allegedly show that top South Korean national security officials are concerned that weapons and ammunition from their country could be used in Ukraine - a violation of Seoul's policy of not selling weapons to countries at war.

With regard to these ultra-secret documents the Pentagon has stated from the outset that it is investigating whether the documents are genuine adding that at least one of them appears to have been manipulated.

At no time since 11 April 2023 it has declared that all or any part of the " leaked documents " are effectively real. The Pentagon is still sorting it out but in the meantime, the merry-go-round continues to spin at full speed, in the same way as a few weeks ago with the alleged Chinese spy balloon, about which we have not heard single word since then, although that too was " under investigation " according to the Pentagon.

The cow is once again being milked to the fullest. The issue is on a daily base still headline news on CNN. The craziest articles appear in the visual and written international press speculating on the contents of these ultra-secret documents and what this means for the US, Ukraine, Russia and other nations involved. The press even blamed Putin for attending an Easter celebration in the Orthodox Church while these ultra-secret documents were leaked.

The man was firmly right to put his priorities elsewhere because, the day the Pentagon made the news public ( 11 April ), South Korea publicly declared that a significant number of the leaked USA documents are .... false ( by which we therefore also immediately know that South Korea is spying on the USA, which it shakily disputes ).

Deliberately produced, deliberately leaked and posted on social media and waited for weeks for someone to stumble over it. As a diversionary tactic to divert attention from something else. The Americans are very strong at that, and they are not alone for that matter. In terms of spreading disinformation, governments all take the crown, but the USA slightly more than the others. For them, the world stage is one big Hollywood production.

No waking journalist or news service has stumbled over the fact that social media and messaging services are completely controlled by a multitude of agencies. Elon Musk recently confirmed during an interview that the FBI had access to the profiles and messages of all Twitter users including private messaging, which by the way is also the case for Facebook and others, but... no agency ever noticed that those ultra-secret documents circulated for weeks on social media ? Surely no one believes that.

And then there is the pseudo story of the whistleblower who allegedly copied or photographed all ultra-secret US documents and on whom the Pentagon and the FBI allegedly opened a real manhunt.

Jack Teixeira a 21-year-old guard in the National Guard. He was sitting at home on the patio reading a book when the FBI raided his home in North Dighton, Massachusetts, last Thursday. Dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, he was taken handcuffed to a heavily armored camouflage van.

It has to be said, this 21-year-old guy's behavior was indeed highly suspicious. Stealing so many ultra-secret documents and then still sitting at ease at home, on the patio, in shorts and t-shirt reading a book. That's really the profile of an ultra criminal.

Again, no one is questioning how on earth this National Guard guard managed to gain access to ultra-secret documents protected by all kinds of top-level security levels. The man is no notorious hacker or IT nerd like Edward Snowden, nor is he a Chelsea Manning.

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