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A new study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology shows that inhaling menthol can reduce cognitive decline. A study shows that inhaling menthol can help ward off Alzheimer's symptoms in some patients.

Spanish researchers found that the substance in cigarettes, sweets and other mint-flavored products lowers levels of proteins that cause Alzheimer's-related brain swelling in mice.

It is a rare study that finds a potential benefit in smoking. However, doctors would rather see someone eating mints or sniffing other menthol-flavoured products.

This study is an important step in understanding the link between the immune system, central nervous system and smell, as the results suggest that smells and immune modulators may play an important role in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's," study author Dr Noelia Casares said in a press release.

Apart from cigarettes, it is also used as a flavouring agent in foods, liqueurs, cosmetics and perfumes.

Click here for the study and press release :

Quite peculiar the sale of mint cigarettes has been banned in the EU.

Restricting the freedom of citizens by introducing a ban on smoking, first in public places including pubs, restaurants as well as airplanes and public transport and then even in many places outside (except in designated areas) because it is supposedly bad for your health, also raises questions. People have smoked for centuries without significant public health problems. Smoking was in for many years. It was hugely advertised. The cigarette was always present in any TV broadcast. Even news anchors covered the news while smoking. Suddenly, it was banned.

Has the number of lung diseases gone down since then ? No, there has been a sharp increase including lung cancer among people who .... never smoked a cigarette or cigar.

All scientific studies that showed smoking was not as harmful to health as claimed and smokers, for example, were less likely to catch a cold have been erased.

Whether governments banned smoking to protect public health rather than to strengthen their governmental involvement remains an open question.

Or not ? These days, we have to question everything.

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