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Prince Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia has publicly announced his building plans for a smart city. This is reportedly a $500 billion investment that has already begun in Tabuk province in the country's north-west. Dhe smart city ( the Line ) will be 500 metres high, 200 metres wide and 170 km long and will house 9 million people. The "city" will be packed with technological marvels and be completely traffic-free (no cars). The outer wall along each side will be occupied with mirrors, so that the smart city will be almost invisible in nature along the outside. Whether the 9 million people who will live inside the ramparts will be able to see through those mirrors is not known because not mentioned.

The smart city under construction is fully in line with WEF's plans for the world. SHE has already made numerous videos about this ( see earlier post with the list ).

For your information : the prince is good friends with Macron and has signed several deals in recent years including a USD 9 billion contract to supply chemicals ( without details ).

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