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Last weekend, the Satanic Temple organized in Boston SatanCon 2023 to celebrate the organization's 10th anniversary. Organizers described the event as the largest satanic gathering in history, saying it included satanic rituals, entertainment, discussion panels, a "satanic marketplace" and a satanic wedding chapel.

The organization reportedly has 700,000 members from a multitude of countries.

The event was completely sold out.

On Satancon Boston's website :

" Satancon participants must be 18 years or older and have proof of COVID vaccination. Participants must wear an N-95, KN-95 or disposable surgical mask. Gaiters, bandanas and cloth masks are not allowed."

Below a video of part of the ceremony where the Bible is torn up and the organizers and the audience shout the salvation of Satan.

Completely off the hook.

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