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Resomation is a chemical process in which a deceased person is placed in a steel pressure vessel, which decomposes in a hot liquid, usually potassium hydroxide, within three to four hours. The deceased enters the resomer wrapped in a silk or wool shroud on a bier board. Any coffin does not go with it. By raising the temperature and increasing the pressure, the body is decomposed.

All that remains of the body is a viscous liquid and bone remainings.

The dried bones can be grounded into a white powder and can be placed in an urn just like it's the case with a cremation. The result of resomation is said to be the same as cremation.

In fact resomation is equal to boiling the deceased who then decomposes due to the chemicals.

Resoming has been practised for a number of years in a few states in the USA, Canada, the UK and other countries. Since early 2021 it is also allowed in the Netherlands as a new sustainable method.

In Belgium, resomation has not yet been formally authorised, yet all pontes crematoria in the Antwerp region are receiving an urgent course with the instruction to also offer this method within about two weeks due to heavy overloading of the crematoria. There are an awful lot of deaths. The crematoria can no longer cope with the numbers. There are waiting lists.

Given the fact that courses are already being held, legal admission will also follow very soon.

Not unimportant in this urgent call for resomation is that the eldery care facilities in the Antwerp and Turnhout region are already on their 5th booster, or 7th mRNA injection.

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