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There has been much ado in recent days about a recording of a conversation between an undercover journalist and a Pfizer executive who bluntly revealed that and what the drug company is up to in order to make billions at the expense of our health.

Once again, the conspiracy thinkers are proven right.

When they declared many months ago - on the basis of thorough research - that work in the Wuhan laboratory was focused on gain of function of viruses, they were laughed away.

Reports by investigative journalists who captured on camera that USA diplomats drove in and out of foreign labs where experiments were ( also ) being carried out on viruses were barred.

Not much later, when Fauci, Pfizer and Moderna were discredited because it leaked that they had interests in the Wuhan lab and had co-invested in experiments in the field of gain of function, the press remained dead silent.

All reports with evidence were swept under the carpet.

Now, an employee of Pfizer tells us in all colours that experiments were indeed carried out on gain of function and that they anticipated on a virus which was actually invented to make tons of money.

Again, the mainstream media ignore this, but not Fox News who is denouncing all irregularities for quite some time now. See its report in the link.

Is Bourla ( CEO Pfizer ) doing all this on his own ? Of course not. He is directed by the higher-ups who have a clear plan for the world. A plan of destruction, wars, high mortality rates due to all kinds of diseases, food shortages and famine, water shortages ...

Pfizer is one of the biggest sponsors of the W.E.F.

The W.E.F. ensured that Pfizer would become the main supplier of vaccines-that-aren't-vaccines and pocket billions in profits, of which a consistent portion flows back to the W.E.F.

In margin : the W.E.F. generated 5 billion Swiss francs in revenue in 2022. Not bad for a private foundation that is fundamentally only allowed to do asset management.

It is common knowledge that Klaus Schwab and co. think there are too many people on earth and that we are all " useless eaters".

The idea of forcing us to eat insects and cease meat consumption comes from the W.E.F., which controls the United Nations, who got all member states to sign Agenda2030 - with a raft of " sustainability goals " - in 2015.

The E.U. and in particular Ursula von der Leyen, the U.N., the I.M.F ( agency of the U.N. ), the World Bank, the ECB, all partners of the W.E.F., ministers, presidents and even royalty, are all in Klaus' pocket.

Though they are many, they are not with enough to stop the truth.

Project Veritas. The project of truth.

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