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In the early morning of Saturday 11 March 20233, a military exercise aimed at recapturing the besieged city took place in the centre of the city of Cahors (Z France ), amidst civilians. The exercise was carried out with excessive blanks that made a lot of noise.

It is unclear whether the French military are training in preparation for a possible invasion or war in France in which a hostile power occupies French cities or whether they are training to assist foreign nations in a near future siege of which they are the object. One thinks, for example, of Ukraine where the strategically located Bakhmut is now completely in the hands of Russia.

A few hours later in Paris, yet another peaceful demonstration against pension reform got out of hand. Not through the fault of the participants but because of the civilian police who, with their now notorious aggressiveness, drove the demonstrators apart and beat them to blood

For the record : the statement of the Flemish press that the French have been demonstrating for weeks because they do not agree with raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 is not correct. Raising the retirement age is only a minor issue.

French people are demonstrating on a weekly basis since early January 2023 in a multitude of cities ( on March 07, 2023, there were demonstrations in 550 locations ) because the Macron administration wants to reduce pensions for all to a lump sum of 1,200 euros gross per month and a full pension will only be granted to those who have worked and paid contributions for at least 42 years.

For citizens who have worked lesser time, the pension situates between 600 euros and 800 euros gross per month provided a minimum of at least 30 full-time years worked.

Much to the anger of citizens, President Macron is ignoring citizens' opposition. That anger has increased even more now that images have been leaked of Macron's excesses during his recent African trip where he, moreover, heavily insulted African countries in the presence of Congolese President Tshisekedi,

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