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Numbers are dropping

Gisteren in mijn live stream. Vandaag in de krant....

"Texas' COVID numbers fall for the 17th consecutive day following Gov. Abbott's 100% reopening of the state and lifting of the mask mandate - a move that Biden infamously called 'Neanderthal thinking'

Texas COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to drop, 17 days after it scrapped its mask mandate and allowed businesses to reopen at full capacity

On Saturday, seven-day positivity rate reached an all-time low of 5.27 per cent The state reported 2,292 new cases, about 500 fewer on average from last week Hospitalizations, meanwhile, dipped to 3,308, its lowest level since October Comes after Republican Governor Greg Abbott drew harsh criticism for brushing off warnings to not relax COVID-19 restrictions earlier this month

President Joe Biden at the time slammed the move as a 'Neanderthal thinking' and warned it would be a 'big mistake'"

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