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Since December 29 2022 Benjamin Netanyahu (° 21.10.1949 ) is again prime minister of Israel. He has previously been so from 1996 to 1999 and from 2009 to the end of 2021. Lately, he has come under strong criticism with his bill to thoroughly reform the judiciary. In particular, his plan to remove all power of the Supreme Court to annul laws and other regulations if not in conformity with other laws and give himself and his government an even greater power has angered the people. There have been protests for weeks against this reform. To calm down the tempers, Netanyahu finally announced that he had put the bill back on ice, which, however, the opposition and the people do not accept. They want the bill off the table.

What the press however does not highlight but is also still racing through the population's veins is the fact that Netanyahu used his people as guinea pigs for Pfizer's experimental vaccine. Israel was the first country to start vaccinating its entire population. Over a month before the UK, which was the second country to start mass vaccination, with all other participating countries following shortly after.

The vaccine was formally not compulsory but Israeli citizens were put under such heavy pressure that the vast majority got the jab. Vaccine objectors had no more rights, they were fired, denied access to public services and subjected to true horrors that were hushed up by the MSM but obviously leaked through all possible alternative channels, including an overwhelming amount of footage.

Very quickly, it was revealed that an awful lot of people died or suffered severe side effects shortly after vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine. A brave radio station broadcasted the names of the deceased, their status, age, date of vaccination and date of death every day, all day long. But that did not convince Netanyahu to stop mass vaccination. His deal with Pfizer had priority.

In the video below, Netanyahu explains during an interview what the Pfizer deal consisted of and what was the purpose of it. It is important to emphasize that Netanyahu did not do all this for free. Israel received tens of millions of euros from Pfizer. He doesn't say it out loud, but it is so. Listen carefully to every word he says.

Israel was and is a pilot project that will be rolled out in other countries as well or may have already been rolled out and registered in a data bank.

This was not difficult. During the corona pandemic, DNA has been collected from the vast majority of the population of all involved nations through the PCR test.

The UK wrapped the collection of DNA from all citizens in an anti-terrorism law passed at the end of March 2020. This law provided the authorization to all authorities to collect DNA from all citizens for a period of six months, renewable once for a maximum of six months. At that time, PCR tests were not yet available. Those only appeared in May 2020. Suddenly, tens of millions of PCR tests were available in every country and massive testing was rolled out. Not only on sick people but also on people without symptoms. When this UK law was made public, the link between the law regarding DNA collection and the PCR test that collects DNA was quickly made.

An earlier article explained what has happened to the used PCR tests. Authorities - including in Belgium and the Netherlands - have admitted that the PCR tests were kept for several months, could be used for other investigations and would be destroyed afterwards. However, any evidence of such destruction has never been provided. That large batches of used PCR tests have been sold to foreign countries is a public secret.

Only the few realize that they have given their DNA and even less that their DNA can be used to further develop the biotech industry Netanyahu refers to.

They possess the genetic material of billions of people. This is the new gold.

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