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The modern world has faced a so-called pandemic only twice. The first was in 1918, the second in 2020. In between, there have been a few localised outbreaks with Mers, Sars-Cov1 and Ebola that have remained meaningless just like, for that matter, the pandemics that have been put on the map. History tells us that the 1918 flu outbreak was actually caused by the severe hardship during WWI, vitamin C deficiency and the emotional stress and ditto shocks of war. Then again, about Covid19, we know that the figures were incredibly rigged and the actual mortality rate ( main parameter ) was much lower than claimed.

One pandemic every hundred years. Yet the oligarchs -this time represented by Tony Blair at Davos- believe that there is absolutely a need to set up a digital vaccine infrastructure to be able to track who is vaccinated and who is not ? Why ?

The Covid19 pandemic is over for oversince about a year and a half. Not a single cock crows about it anymore although, today more than before, hospitals are packed with sick people who all happen to be vaccinated against .... Covid.

Are they expecting or do they already know that a new pandemic will present itself shortly ? What do they know that we do not know ( yet) but can suspect based on all their actions ?

Why everyone's vaccination status needs to be known ( and all other biometric details for that matter ) is a question that can,however, be answered. Because it is foreseen in Agenda2030 that by 2030 everyone on this planet must be vaccinated. Against what exactly is then again not mentioned.

There is a glaring shortage of classical medicines. This shortage is deliberately caused to encourage people to get vaccinated under the false promise that in that case they will be protected against disease. The world is fooled. They only seek for total control.

By the way, Tony Blair spent quite some words about biometric identity in an previous stage. In a while we will no longer identify ourselves by ID card or passport but by a digital identity that also contains all our biometric data and much more.

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