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" The unvaccinated will not remain unvaccinated for long with mRNA in the food chain.

"We confirm: this mRNA stuff is in the food chain," dixit lawyer Tom Renz. It turns out that Merck has been injecting mRNA into pigs since 2018.

"For anyone who stood strong and said no to these mRNA vaccines. Well, you get them through your food anyway."

There is since quite some time talking of treating livestock ( cows, chickens, pigs... ) with mRNA vaccines in the EU too. So-called to prevent diseases.

There are many disease outbreaks among livestock. Millions of animals have been culled. Whether this is due to an effective virus or bacteria or to mRNA treatment remains an open question.

Lawyer Tom Renz makes this one of the first generation of activists against the corona hoax and vaccine madness. Earlier in September 2021, he happened to discover CDC documents showing that US counterpart Sciensano knew that 60% of all hospital admissions were vaccinated and the rise in sickness was due to vaccination and not the virus.

He is also the one who denounced that in the US, 19,400 people under 80 years old died within 14 days of their first COVID-19 vaccine.

Furthermore, Tom Renz has also filed a legal action against EcoAlliance ( which was funded by the US government and has since confessed through its CEO that the virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab ) on the grounds of deliberate cover-up. The pandemic and the deaths of 6,548,093 people could have been prevented.

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