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A Cleveland Clinic study published on 10.12.2022 questions the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and claims that additional doses may actually increase the risk of contracting the disease.

Between September and December 2022, the clinic screened 51,000 workers for the "bivalent" vaccine that reportedly protects against the original COVID-19 strain and its Omicron variants. It also sought to determine the effectiveness of subsequent vaccine doses.

The study eventually discovered a link between a higher risk of COVID-19 and individuals who had previously received more vaccine doses.

The study further found that the bivalent vaccines were only 30% effective in preventing infection against several variants of the Omicron strain of the virus.

"The association of an increased risk of COVID-19 with a higher number of prior vaccine doses in our study was unexpected," the study reads.

"A simplistic explanation could be that those who received more doses may have been individuals at higher risk of COVID-19. A small proportion of subjects may have fit this description."

"However, the majority of subjects in this study were generally young people, and all were eligible to have received at least 3 doses of vaccine by the study start date, which they had every opportunity to do."

"Therefore, those who received fewer than 3 doses (>45% of those in the study) were not those who were ineligible to receive the vaccine, but those who chose not to follow the CDC's recommendations on staying up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccination, and one might reasonably expect that these individuals were more likely to exhibit higher risk behaviors," the study continued.

"Nevertheless, their risk of contracting COVID-19 was lower than those who had received a greater number of previous vaccination doses."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has long maintained that receiving the various vaccines does not prevent the disease.

State experts in Belgium and the Netherlands have also stated on several occasions that the covid vaccines do not prevent infection, infectivity and disease but make vaccinated people less seriously ill, which, however, cannot be proven in any way. Moreover, they made these statements only after the vast majority of the population had already received 2-3 injections and hospitals were nevertheless full of ... vaccinated people.

If, at the start of the vaccination campaigns, they had stated in all honesty what was already known at the time but held back for over a year, most might not have had a vaccine. After all, it makes no sense to have an experimental product injected that does not work and does not protect ( which Anthony Fauci in a study of his own published in September 2022 and subsequent also Bill Gates have simply admitted - see previous articles )

The attached study now adds to the whole vaccine thing. The risk of disease is greater on the part of vaccinated people and thus de facto detrimental to human health and immunity.

It is therefore totally incomprehensible that governments continue to inject the elderly and children. This is a crime against humanity.

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