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People's traitor Bart De Wever, chairman of NVA and mayor of Antwerp, has a plan. When the Oosterzeel connection is finished, several other measures will still be taken to keep vehicles out of the city. That is the pretext. In reality, it is about total control of Antwerpers and their visitors.

What is the plan ?

Every Antwerp resident will be given " 90 hours of drawing rights " per year. With these " rights " (what's in a word ), citizens of the city can receive visitors at their homes or elsewhere for a maximum of 3 hours.

How does this system work ?

Well, Antwerp citizens have to register in advance the license plate of the visitors they wish to receive on a dedicated website and then the drivers of those license plates are allowed to enter the city and park their car in the neighborhood. For a maximum of 3 hours and then they have to leave the city again, or else ... what ? Probably a fine.

And with that, De Wever is far from at the end of his tether.

From 1 August 2023, only residents and permit holders will be allowed to park in the old city center. Tourists not, occasional visitors and shoppers not, nor anyone else. Not even for five minutes. They will have to park on the outskirts of the city and travel by public transport; Big loss for all merchants who will see their clientele going down the hill faster than a ski champion during the Olympics.

Permit holders will obviously have to pay for that permit. Contractors, handymen, gardeners and all the other service providers will of course pass on these costs to their Antwerp customers.

Those who are well informed know that Antwerp is pretty much at the center of the Smart City triangle of which the plans have already been neatly mapped out. Amsterdam and Rotterdam are also part of it. Marc Rutte has already announced his plans for the cities of the future. So has De Wever now. In a near future they will build higher in a smaller area and create more green zones in Antwerp. Property developers and contractors are going to have to pay quite some pennies into a " green fund" to get a building permit. According to De Wever, it's not the purpose to build skyscrapers in Antwerp, but the future construction must go higher so that more people can be housed in a smaller area, because the population is growing and will continue to grow ( seriously Bart ? ).

In Belgium, 24% of the population is currently older than 65, a percentage that will increase in the coming decades. Bart De Wever knows the figures better than anyone else. So he knows that there are fewer births and that we are struggling with an excess of " sudden " deaths. He also knows that the population in this country is artificially maintained by a large influx of migrants ( see previous articles ). Finally, he knows better than anyone else that there is plenty of room in the province of Antwerp and that more and more Antwerp inhabitants are leaving the city to live on the countryside. Still ...

When good decency, righteousness and virtue are shitted out along with the kilos, the remains are nothing more than a heap of sourpuss that has no good intentions for its own population but only serves higher-ups. In the interest of what ? His own wallet ? The honor and glory in history books that he denies as a history teacher ? A fat paid post in some NGO when his political career is over ?

In 2024, there will be local elections as in addition to federal ones. Bart De Wever is expected to get a big kick up the ass from the people of Antwerp and NVA as a party in whole will suffer a heavy defeat. People's treason has a price.

Let's hope that the candidate mayors who will emerge are worthy of office.

Watch and listen to De Wever via this link from 08:35 minutes onwards

More info in this link:

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