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British journalist Eva K. Bartlett has figured it out and traveled to Mariupol to check what is made of it.

It turns out there is no mass grave in the sense the West has given it. It is an ordinary cemetery where the dead are buried in a coffin as they always do.

As a reminder, the Americans claimed in 2022 that they had satellite images showing that the Russians had created a 30 x 40 m mass grave into which as many as 9,000 civilian dead would have been thrown.

Russia has always vehemently denied the allegations and claimed that the whole thing was staged ( as in Butcha, by the way, where civilian deaths were found in the streets at a time when the Russians had already left the occupied territory for 5 days and had treated civilians well during their occupation )

Subsequently, a number of European politicians, including Ursula Von der Leyen visited the so-called mass grave in Mariupol,which was the site of the massacre. The international press was massively present and spread the news widely in MSM, but no one did their own investigation, except ... Eva.

This video features footage from one year ago, or shortly after the alleged event.

Seven months later, Eva edited a second recording with the follow-up story. You will hear and see the persons who put people in the grave literally saying that the mass grave does not exist and is a pertinent lie.

The West's propaganda is systematic. They only talk about Russia's bombing of Ukraine ( which is often taken completely out of context ) and Ukraine's claimed victories over Russia. Both one and the other is a pertinent lie.

In recent days, the Western press has focused its spotlight on alleged bombing of Kiev without mentioning that it was not the city but the province. It has been proudly proclaimed that Ukrainian defense had shot all 18 Russian bombs out of the sky, in other words that they had not reached their targets. What was not mentioned though ist§ that Russia had reduced to ashes a major Nato arms depot outside Kiev, where weapons and equipment worth more than $200 million were stored, as a clear signal that Nato should not interfere in the special military operation. At about the same time, the American-supplied anti-aircraft installation was also shot down.

The Western press did not breathe a word about the many bombing raids on Donbas - including in the center of the city of Luhansk - that preceded Russia's action, which resulted in numerous civilian casualties ( see earlier article ).

The fact that Zelensky is once again personally mopping up all the countries asking for extra help and even stopped off for a meeting with the CEO of Blackrock is purely because the Ukrainian army is in its teeth. Notwithstanding the billions and supply of tonnes of ammunition, weapons, tanks and other military equipment ( 70% of which never makes it to the front but is resold on the black market - see earlier article ), Ukraine is struggling with a shortage of men, weapons and ammunition. Observers predict that if the West stops arms supplies, the whole thing will be over by July.

By the way, did you know that Belgium is going to train Ukrainian soldiers ( at our expense, that is ). What is being wisely concealed is that this is not about training Ukrainian soldiers on active duty but civilians recruited by Ukraine who have never held a weapon before. The original Ukrainian army has been decimated and for some time now has consisted solely of new recruits.

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