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According to the French government website , the CO2 score is an indicator that shows the impact of greenhouse gas emissions generated by each product and/or service. By adding up everything citizens use, they can also determine their own carbon impact. As a person, company or entity.

Starting in 2024, the carbon score will be introduced first for textiles and then also for food products. In subsequent stages for everything.

How is the CO2 score calculated ?

The calculation is done using data from ADEME's carbon database ( which does not yet exist ). This information bank is public and is updated almost daily. It consists of 19 sectoral guides and 5311 validated emission factors in categories divided into 3 scopes:

Scope 1: These are direct emissions, which occur within the perimeter of the company. It includes fixed and mobile combustion sources, everything related to processes, direct fugitive emissions (i.e. release of pollutants) and direct emissions from land, land use change and forests.

Scope 2: This section groups everything that is considered an indirect impact related to energy consumption (electricity, heat, steam or cold, etc.).

Scope 3: Simply put, this is everything else. Generally, this last scope is divided into 2 parts (upstream or what happens before the production of the goods or services sold; downstream or what happens after the production of the goods or services sold). Many aspects can then be measured (waste produced, business travel, end of life of products, etc.).

That's will give some sparks....

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