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On 02 February 2022, Professor Emeritus Fukushima announced in a press release that he has subpoenaed the Japanese government and the Ministry of Health in release of accurate global information regarding the efficacy and safety of the Covid19 mRNA vaccines.

Available data show that in the 65-69 and 70-79 age groups, the rate of new infections is 4 times higher in all those who have been inoculated at least two times compared to people in the same age groups who have not been vaccinated.

Moreover, the September 2021 Japanese Advisory Council report shows that the number of deaths is higher in the vaccinated category than in the non-vaccinated category, which Professor Fukushima says is a paradoxical phenomenon. These data have already been officially published but rather than investigate, the Ministry of Health deliberately destroyed these data and persistently continued to recommend vaccination on the basis that vaccines do not protect against infection but do cause people to become less seriously ill and lower the mortality rate, which is however contradicted by the facts.

Based on the Advisory Council data available as early as September 2021, the recommendation for vaccination for all ages should have been withdrawn immediately. However, the Japanese government has continued to push for vaccination which Professor Fukushima considers a serious national crisis. For this reason, he has now initiated legal proceedings.

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