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Last Tuesday night, Israeli police unexpectedly stormed into the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City. They beat up, dispersed and then rounded up about 350 praying Palestinians with brute force, and also fired stun grenades at Palestinian youngsters who were throwing firecrackers at them to counter the outbreak of violence during the holy holidays of Ramadan.

Amateur footage shows that the scene was very violent. No explanation has yet been given for this brutal attack at the mosque.

Militants from Gaza responded with rocket fire on southern Israel, leading to an Israeli air strike that destroyed a number of buildings and hurt civilians.

Last night, a similar situation occurred in central Jerusalem. There are disturbances in many places.

Since then, things have been escalating at a rapid pace. The fact that Lebanon has now launched rockets at Israel is leading to a multi front conflict that could turn into a much wider war.

Israel's chief of staff and the IDF's top brass, including the head of internal intelligence, gathered all night. As might be expected, the Americans interfered again. The Biden administration has conveyed Israel's right to defend itself and offered military assistance. How this will further unfold, the future will tell.

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