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In Kuwait City's Sulaibiya area gigantic holes are dug out out in the sandy earth every single year and filled with old tyres. There are now over seven million in the ground and 42 million on the surface. The dumpsite is so huge that it can be seen from space.

Folowing the official records the plant is run by EPSCO Global General Trading, a recycling company, who's employees reportedly sort, shred and scrap tire parts and transforms it into rubbery-colored floor tiles. In reality the tires are burned or burried in the ground.

The graveyard is just a mere four miles away from a suburb, where residents complain of large fires releasing plumes of black smoke which they inhale. The chemical components are spread in the air.

Whilst worldleaders of Western nations debate about the climate crisis and CO2 output, the air is pôlluted in the most extreme way in other parts of the world without a single remark, measure or sanction. That's how it works folks.

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