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One day after his climate speech, where Joe Biden stated in a verbal lapsus that he, along with so many others, has cancer, the White House reports in a press release that Joe Biden has tested positive for Sars-Cov2.

Joe has the following symptoms : runny nose, fatigue, occasional cough ( either the symptoms of a common cold ).

Joe has reportedly taken 4 shots and is now taking Paxlovid, a corona pill developed by Pfizer. He is also going into seclusion for an unspecified time but will continue his duties unabated, so no reason to call Kamala to replace him for unavailability due to illness.

They better put away the official narrative because it is starting to take absurd proportions.

Vaccinated 4 times but still getting sick and taking the corona pill ?Against symptoms of a common cold ?

That's as good as saying the stuff doesn't work at all.

In reality, " Grandpa Joe " (as he likes to let himself be called ) has not had the actual stuff put in, any more than any other politician. Neither has the CEO of Pfizer and BioNtech. They have openly admitted that, just like Macron who felt and thinks it is unnecessary because he has had " corona ".

Joe belongs to the group of high-risk cases. He is almost 80 and shows clear signs of dementia. He will not last another 2.5 years ( and certainly not 6.5 years as he aspires ).

Joe will die unexpectedly in the foreseeable future and be replaced by another puppet. The current puppets have played out their roles and will all be replaced in an attempt to appease the population and dampen the uprisings breaking out everywhere. Mark my words.

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