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Călin Georgescu (Romania ) is a former top UN official who turned his back on the organisation after 17 years of active service and has been sounding the alarm ever since. He knows the UN and its workings like the back of his hand, knows how the system works and fights against it.

The attached link contains a disconcerting interview with Georgescu in which he explains in great detail how the system works.

Also below is a transcript of this interview. " The universe can fulfil all our needs but it is impossible to fulfil our greed. The greed does not come from the majority of the population but from a small group. The globalists. It is a battle between sovereignty and globalism but the main cause is the oligarchy, the global oligarchic system. They are in control, and that is why the UN - and this is something I learnt from the inside - can become, as some people say, the world government. In reality, the UN is the bridge for the oligarchs to control the system.

The UN agenda for 20230 with all the big goals ... everything is the same as the Davos agenda. Here I want to stress an important point and that is that both ( WEF and UN ) are NGOs. Davos. I have not seen so much control and such a powerful system anywhere. All the Swiss police had been deployed. You will not find so many troops anywhere in the world as in Davos. The public police force is deployed for a private organisation, an NGO. That is one. Secondly, if you go in and see the discussions everything is extremely controlled, it is a theatre. All decisions have already been taken behind the scenes.

When Klaus Schwab said " you will own nothing and be happy " he forgot the last sentence and that is " you will own nothing that we own " . This is the main topic of our conversation today.

The UN was created in 1945 with a simple purpose and that is to preserve and restore peace, as a successor to the League of Nations. It was a fantastic goal but the problem is that in many meetings I have participated in myself, peace has been waiting in a corner to be heard but it has never been given a chance to speak. All the talks were just for war, very manipulated. When they talk about peace they mean war. For example, for sustainable development, I went to many meetings. At the end of the day, there is only one possible conclusion : how can we increase consumption ( of everything ) and sometimes of course or in most cases the most important of these is : how do we get to the food industry, how can we control it ?

Just increasing the consumption side is very dangerous because this is in fact exactly the same situation as with the Club of Rome, another important NGO of which I was the President for Europe for a duration of 2.5 years. The start was in 1968 and the fantastic report in 1970 " the limits of growth " . They approached the vision that there is a limit, I mean, they felt at the time that we were going too fast and too dangerously fast in exploiting the resources on this planet, in the sense of greed. For example. Guinea -Conakry, where I have been myself, is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources, among which gold. If they want to exploit these resources for themselves this is fine but if others come to exploit it they have no control over their own natural resources as is the case in Romania by the way. This is exactly the system under the control of Davos, particularly with the same agenda as the UN. THEY control the natural resources.

Those who hold political power ( I deliberately do not call them leaders because they are not leaders, even in Europe, it is zero ) are their "employees". This oligarchic system controls Europe because they control all persons like the Chancellor, the President or the Prime Minister or whatever they may be.

They do not serve the people, they are the employees of the oligarchs. The UN is indistinguishable from the WEF which in turn elects leaders who are then chosen by us through their Young Global Leaders programme.

They first check whether a person is 100% politically correct. If you are not you are not allowed to participate. What they also need is wise, intelligent and smart people and an opposition is also needed otherwise it is too dangerous to highlight only one side. And then they try to control you with money, salary and various offers, in that you get access to free transport, free access to restaurants and various other things. In fact, it is your UN badge -which means you are an important person, better than the person in the street-so they make you feel superior just like in the banking system.

Look at the young people working for banks who get $500 a day pay. With his 500 dolar, he sits in his car, he sees his friend walking down the street and says " sorry, I don't have time for you, I am someone, I am a banker ". In other words, they invest in manipulating people's minds. When you manipulate people's minds they sell their souls and then it is done, even though they may have started with good intentions. They elect people who are in complete alignment with their thinking.

The start of the UN, the Club of Rome and also the Freemasons was fantastic. They did a lot of good things. What was the reason Mozart became a freemason? Because he wanted to contribute to the welfare of the community, to participate in human support. Why have they all derailed ?

They infiltrate different people to control everything hat is good. My experience over the past 17 years is that they cannot bear to see anything beautiful; they do not want you and your life to be beautiful and harmonious, they only like the dark. Darwin once said that we are descended from animals. The new Darwinists, the oligarchs, say we are descended from robots. And here we are now, I mean we are arguing about the transhumanism they want to impose on us. How can they impose this on us ? They impose this on us at a time when people believe that the system, internationally, which is somewhere high above you, is concerned about you and you have to respect everything they say, which is wrong.

As they try to impose on us, as you know, that WHO dictates everything about our health. How can we accept someone forcing something on me that concerns me ? WHO is again just an NGO, nobody is elected there. They are appointed. They only appoint persons who are completely slavish in their thinking. Tedros has committed crimes in his own country ( Ethiopia ) yet he has been appointed WHO president. I have met the man, he is the archetype of a slavish mind.

In the US, we knew Malcolm X, he was the leader against slavery remember ? The leader of the Black Panther Movement and by the way he was assassinated, exactly the same as with Kennedy. He defined it very clearly and said " house nigger " and " field nigger ". What exactly is that " house nigger ", what does it mean ? Uncle Tom. He always said " we ", meaning " you and your boss ", not " my boss " but " we " because he is part of the system. This is how they are trained, just like this is the case with Brussels or Washington, the European Union or whatever, it is the same. The " field nigger " are the people who don't want their country to be the playing field for others. They want to control it.

This is the key point. It is about controlling the financial and banking systems. The situation we are in now. The dramatic events in Ukraine and Russia show that it is not about that. The powers are only about where the natural resources are because Russia is a country with huge natural resources and they don't want that. THEY want to control all natural resources. Look at Africa, which is a content I know very well. Africa is probably the most beautiful part of the world but there is no free country there. In Guinea-Conakry, the situation is dramatic. The country is bursting with natural resources and people are sitting there in the streets with that device in front of them playing games. They are all brainwashed. THEY control everything there, the presidential power and the people who are their slaves. How do they control the leaders of those countries ? Again by money, by offering their children education ? Guinea-Conakry depends on France, it is a former French Colony. Slavery never disappeared. There is slavery behind every door. The oligarchs control everything, it is the same. There is no proper political campaign, they put the person they want there, there are no real elections anymore, it is only on paper. They know how to do things, how to manipulate people.

The situation with Donald Trump was a big shock. They did not expect this to happen. It was an accident. It was the first time for the oligarchic system that this happened. It should have been Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump and the process we are going through now, this pandemic and all these lies should have happened in 2016. They were pressured to have a food and water disaster by 2022 which they now want to achieve by 2025 so the plan was changed slightly.

Of course, they will not succeed, that is obvious. The system is almost on its but. We are in a final phase but we all need to have the courage to say " no". For me, the most important piece of this game is what I have seen in the UN among my colleagues, not just the smart ones from whom I expected it; they do not have the strength to say " no " because at the end of the month, someone pushes the button and a few thousand dollars appear in their bank account. They shut up for the money. It's all about money, money equals power.

These people who literally sell their souls, they get a basic salary and lots of benefits + extra allowances for travel that can go up to $2,000 a day. It depends from country to country. If it is a high-risk country ( like e.g. Africa ) then the compensation is quite substantial; if it is Europe then it is hundreds and hundreds of dollars. But the most important thing is that you cannot say " no " because if you do say " no " then you lose everything. This was my chance to break through, come to consciousness and say " no ", but the " no " must be total, irrevocable like a legal decision.

Was there something specific on which you decided " I have to leave here " or was it a slow process ? Of course it was step by step but the most important thing was my last mission to the Marshall Islands where I saw the most beautiful part of the world but I also saw what disaster the USA caused there by practising with nukes in 1960. They destroyed most of the archipelagos on the Marshall Islands. They also destroyed the fish population and tuna. It has been affected by the nuclear stuff and radiation. We can't just go there and clean it up. But most importantly, they destroyed this paradise. These people had no idea about WWII, they didn't even know doctors existed. Nor did they need any. The average age was between 180 and 200 and now the average is between 35 and 45. Because of radiation, of course.

When I returned to Geneva with my reports, they did everything they could to stop me from presenting them, including my conference which they cancelled. Out of respect for the local people of the Marshall Islands, I got out. So it was not a process of someone telling me or forcing me. It was a matter of awareness, of stepping out of the Matrix.

The UN could play a fantastic role but it does not because it is completely under the control of the oligarchs. They try so hard to push their agenda through that in a lot of cases I notice that the people they assume are their employees, I mean from the top down or whatever, that they are absolutely ridiculous slaves, in the sense that nobody, really nobody, has or can have the power to say " no".

They are all " yes-men ". Everywhere. There are no exceptions.

Do you know how much the UN building in Geneva costs a year, just in Geneva ? $2.5 billion a year, just to keep this building with all its employees and all its costs. What can you do with 2.5 billion ? You could rebuild Guinea-Conakry in a day. The worst thing about the situation, and this is my main point for today, is that it is an ongoing process. It is not something that has started and can be stopped; no, it is permanent. They find people and replace them with other players. Those players don't know they are players, they just know they have a job, especially now with all these problems. Can you imagine what it is ? A life to dream of being employed by the UN. If you have a UN badge, first of all, you can travel business class anywhere, by plane , by train, without having to pay for it. You have a lot of privileges. So basically, it is the taxpayers of the world who have to pay for this without knowing it. The money comes from their countries paid contributions (to the UN ).

For me, the UN was a great school. Now, if you say go to the 3rd or 4th year at university it means nothing compared to what I learnt in the UN. That is a fantastic place because you can meet top diplomats there, talk to them, have negotiations that train you fantastically but in the end the result is the same.

The advantage for Romania and also for Europe is that I now know how the system works. It is important to know this because in the future, humanity has to be free. Sovereign, that they have their own sovereignty and respect for the individual or human being because that is where democracy begins and that is why we have to consider that only in ancient Greece did democracy exist. Today it no longer exists.

Here we have the UN, which is a fantastic institution, but it has been completely taken over by the oligarchs and the WEF running the show, just like with the club of Rome and the WWF, Greenpeace I could quote many other examples. It's about almost all NGOs or at least the biggest ones. If we think they are doing things for the good of humanity it is in reality about the good of the oligarchs.

Yet another example is this of an NGO giving money to another NGO. They support NGOs through all sorts of detours. It is a very professional manipulation, very clever, very intelligent, careful. You don't realise that you are part of the system. If people understand what it all means today, then all governments will disappear; once they understand that their government is not their government but the government of the oligarchs... but they don't understand what life is as we know it today. We are at home, we wake up, go to work, our boss tells us to go to another country, we take the plane, go to a hotel. This is is not real life. Life is totally different, life is how we can approach nature, how often we speak to ourselves, how much time you spend every day for yourself, only yourself. The moment you spend more time on yourself you are more creative, more elegant with your family, your partner, your children, just like in nature. Harmony is important just like in nature. By the way, how many wars are there in nature ? None. There aren't. It is not the wild boars from the north that are at war with the wild pigs from the south. Only humans are at war.

A quality life does not mean going to a mall with your children and your wife to watch a movie and eat sushi. Nor to go on holiday. Try to understand that this is a disruption that we go on " holidays " " ( holy day ). This is exactly that manipulation. This is all from the UN. With the money in your pockets, you go to the Caribbean, Madagascar, and you believe in all your dreams that you are the boss compared to someone else who stays in their own environment. But a " holy day " should in fact exist every day. Life is the presence of a " holy day " and not of going on holiday. We should enjoy it. We don't know how to enjoy life.

THEY don't make you enjoy life because the moment you enjoy life, you are moving in the wrong direction for them, you are an emotional delinquent. You don't need to have emotions. In other words you don't need love. As soon as you experience love in your life - which is the most powerful thing the universe gives us - you are no longer there for them, you are a wrong person, and you need to be silenced immediately. You must be a robot, respecting them and working for what they want. For them. The majority of people work for them. That is a problem. They don't work for themselves, not for their own country. That is why there is so much poverty.

One of the Millennium Development Goals is just to eradicate poverty. This is absolute nonsense because they respect nothing at all. Poverty has never been as high as it is now. The catastrophe of the schools is bigger than ever. They control people through the school. In school, you are taken in but you are not free, you are just trained as a robot. You are in their hands, you are not free because you respect the system. We don't know what life is and that is exactly what they are after. You are a lawyer. Normally you defend people against one thing or another , right ? In a normal life like in the Marshall Islands, this does not exist because there is no need for a system of law and justice. You are not only a human being but also a creator, a co-creator. My contribution is how to raise consciousness and participate in the consciousness of the universe. So normally, there should be no lawyers, doctors etc..., nor politicians.

In general, who goes into politics ? Someone who knows nothing. Yes, he has a well-paid job. That is the case for all politicians elected in the last 30 years, I would say. Before then it might have been different but since they started their " young global leaders " programme and the influence of the WEF,the oligarchs over the UN has killed it. This influence has allowed them to infiltrate all levels of society and place their own people. They are puppets.

This does not mean we should leave situation as it is. We must have the courage to change. We must involve ourselves in politics and use all circumstances to do so. Humanity has a great opportunity with this situation ( because it is an opportunity to wake up ) and put our lives back under the microscope as the creator has done for us from the inception of humanity. Otherwise, it is clear that humanity will disappear, exactly as Einstein said in relation to nuclear power, which we know very well why it was created during WWII. It was used against humans, which of course, if they use it again -hopefully not- is the end of humanity. But they have invested in it and continue to invest in it. They can destroy a few planets and not just one, with what they have now. Clearly, we are going in the wrong direction. The moment you have organisations that can change your mind they should break the silence, but basically there will be others behind you who know how to drive the manipulation.

In my opinion, the Club of Rome started out very strong, I mean " the limits of growth" was a powerful book or report in history because it showed very clearly that we were absolutely wrong and had to stop, otherwise it would be a disaster but this has become so specifically manipulated that the Club of Rome is now nothing anymore.

They have come with climate change, with the CO2 credit system, all things that don't exist. It is only about money. Climate change does not exist. They invented it to scare us and not only that but also to be able to accuse you. That is the big problem. Fear. To keep us in fear they have to pull everything out of their toolbox : corona, the virus pandemic, food shortages, climate change, the war in Ukraine, global warming ... it's all a myth, invented by the oligarchs so they can make money and keep us under control.

How does one keep people under control ? You use the most important emotion : fear. If you control this emotion you are in control. And people block in such a situation. They don't understand that fear is not a part of life. What they need is courage. It is the first step in consciousness.

They keep this under control because they feel that the people who are not in power should not find out who they are. This was their most important investment in this world. Society does not need you to be wise, because when you are wise you seek freedom. No society benefits from you being free because if you are free you will ask questions, you will be a rebel, a lion and they cannot have this. They need ducks, sheep.

Fear is the ultimate tool for control. After WWII, Herman Göring was asked how he could have turned a nation of poets, scientists and writers into monsters. He said ' oh, it doesn't take much for that, it doesn't matter whether it's a communist or capitalist system, all you need is fear ". For that fear they use the plandemia and the next tool from their toolbox and then the next and the next because only when people are kept in fear do they follow orders but here is a very important point. Even if the fear of a person or a group no longer exists, it remains in the consciousness and this is a bridge to the next generations. In short, the problem happening today must be stopped now and stopped with certainty. We all need to understand that this carries over to future generations. It is passed on, carried on to our children and our children's children. In your subconscious mind, you will have to work very hard on yourself. For your parents, your grandparents, your children, to come to a better understanding of life and with regard to the relationship you now have with your children who today, by the way, are all attached to devices ( smartphone et al ). The devices are now all their life, it means everything to them. This is a big problem for all of us because there is no real communication between us anymore. It completely disconnects them from life and this is exactly what they want. We have seen this during the lockdowns - which by the way is a criminal act against humanity , totally criminal - because children, were put behind a computer for most of day and they were made completely dependent on the system and on the content that the laptop or whatever conveys to him/her. The moment they are made dependent, it works like a drug. The child no longer has any conversations; his friends are virtual in a virtual life; everything is virtual and you as a father or mother try to reach his heart and you don't succeed because he is there and you are here. Some parents don't even try that anymore.

The end of transhumanism is post-transhumanism which is the most catastrophic situation for humanity. Transhumanism is a transition period; a transition from humans to robots and roboticism so we have to say " no". Humanity, people, and this is my message, have to say " no "; they have to use this word and that is just and very simple : " no ".

Say " no ", " I do not consent".

Right now, there are more than 1 billion people, 1.2 billion to be exact, working for less than $2 a day. The problem is that the oligarchs, every single one of them, are linked to the system of paedophilia. We know that 8 million children disappear every year. 8 million, this means the entire population of Austria.

They disappear without any information; just like that. And this is transhumanism, this criminal act must be stopped and this will stop as soon as people come to consciousness and people understand that this is not their life. Otherwise...

We are not in line with what we received from nature. We were given a fantastic planet with fantastic resources and we are destroying it completely.

What I can tell you about the fishing sector, which I also know very well from my work. Fishing is a disaster for the oceans because this industry takes everything from the bottom, not just the fish we need, but really everything, it is just a Sahara at the bottom of the ocean. All this is only done out of greed. Exactly like Nestlé, which for one dollar, grabs 1 million coffee beans no matter which country in Africa and sells it for $2 per 300-gram jar. They are trying to monopolise natural resources. According to some people we talked to, they are even trying to monopolise the air.

By the way, do you know about water ? I also submit this to my students and to the UN. I have prepared a report on that. It is wrong to have a plastic bottle on the table which is obviously not natural. Water should be free in every home, every restaurant and every other place How can you have the idea of making money from something that is natural ? Water is for everyone. People are already used to paying for water but they are now getting to a point where they want to do us pay for the air we consume.

I can reduce this to one small sentence. Believe in yourself, be yourself, it's all about being yourself. Be yourself before anyone else says who you are. That is my one powerful message for everyone. Thank you.

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