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On 29.07.2022, HLN published an article on the melting of ice in Greenland due to a " heat wave ". Initially, HLN stated that 6 billion kilograms of ice had melted in 3 days, then it became 6 trillion kilograms to end at 18 billion tonnes.

From where these big differences ? HLN had not properly read CNN's original article ( with video ) from 20.07.2022 🙂 ...

HLN's final text ( which was copied verbatim by De Morgen ) looks like this :

"Over the past few weeks, northern Greenland has been ravaged by an intense heat wave. The high temperatures have been the trigger for huge amounts of melted ice. In just three days, between 15 and 17 July, 18 billion tonnes of water have already spilled into the ocean.

Recent satellite images show the effects of the heat wave in northern Greenland. The mercury reached 15 degrees this month, causing the ice to quickly start melting. The melted ice, 6 billion tonnes per day, is enough to flood all of the US state of West Virginia by 30 cm."

High temperatures are rare for northern Greenland, where temperatures usually stay below freezing. Even in summer, the region normally reaches a maximum of 0 degrees. "

HLN & De Morgen - as usual - did not investigate anything themselves and copied CNN's reporting verbatim. However, a little research could have taught them a lot and made them realise that CNN is selling nonsense and so are they.

What exactly is the situation?

The government website Visit Greenland neatly explains that Greenland has the healthiest air and temperatures in July and August do not exceed +10° in the continent's warmest places.

In winter, temperatures drop to -40° ( depending on location ).

Greenland is completely surrounded by the ocean that determines its climate. For this reason, temperatures during the summer months are highest near the ice sheets. The island has a total area of 2,166,086 km2. 85% of the land is covered by an ice sheet about 3,000 metres thick. Only the coastal strip 15 to 150 km wide, especially in the south and west, is habitable, thanks in part to the influence of the Gulf Stream. The coasts are carved with huge fjords and glaciers, from which icebergs regularly break off. Not because of the climate, but the ocean whose temperature varies between 0° and 2° and acts on the lower layers of the ice sheets. The sea water is warmer than the ice.

During the month of July 2022, temperatures between 34° F ( 1° ) and 60° F ( 15° ) were recorded in Greenland, depending on the location. In the warmest places, temperatures remained around 55-60° F for several days without ever exceeding 60° F, however.

It is therefore difficult to speak of a " heat wave " which according to the RMI ( B ) and KNMI ( NL ) is defined as follows : " at least five days in a row a maximum temperature of 25.0 °C or more (summer days); with at least on three days the maximum temperature is 30.0 °C or more (tropical days). These temperatures are measured at one and a half metres above ground level in a so-called weather hut."

A temperature of 15° C ( or 5° higher than the summer average ) is not of a nature to melt 18 billion tonnes of ice ( ! ). This is impossible and a pertinent lie. During the summer months of July and August, ice in Greenland always melts ( once it reaches a temperature of 1 -2°, coming from -40° and more since winter ).

By the way, no one from CNN, HLN, De Morgen or any other MSM has gone to Greenland to measure the situation. No one there has measured with a measuring device exactly how much ice has melted and how much water has ended up in the meanders ( which would be a good thing, if the claim is correct, the water has not been lost cf the photo published by HLN and De Morgen and also from other MSM media ). Not even the scientist from the University of Colorado who loosely shook out of his sleeve that 8 to 10 billion tonnes of water has melted from the ice caps.

Last but not least : if indeed such a huge amount of ice had melted in Greenland, the local government would have sounded the alarm itself. But. it did not.

On the contrary.

Greenland made the following announcement via its government website NSIDC on 01.08.2022 :

" As of July 25, 2022, the Greenland Ice Sheet seasonal melting cumulative extent (the sum of each day's melt area since April 1) was 14.00 million square kilometres (5.41 million square miles), ranking it nineteenth highest in the 44-year satellite record. A slow start in April, May, and June preceded slightly above-average melt extents in July, culminating in a moderately extensive surge in melt across northern Greenland on July 15 to 18, and more widespread coastal melting in the days following through July 25. The events led to a brief period of relatively high meltwater runoff, bringing the net snowfall and surface melt mass change to near the 1981 to 2010 average.

Melting from April 1 to July 25 has been slightly above the 1981 to 2010 mean along the southwestern coast, often the area with the greatest number of melt days, and above average across the northern ice sheet, the site of the first part of the recent surge in melt area. Areas of below-average melting along the southeast coast and parts of the northwest offset this. Overall, the melt day count is near-average for this date. "

Near average for this date. So, roughly similar to previous years.

Greenland is probably not even aware that the Western MSM is spreading lies to rile people up for the umpteenth time with a claimed global warming catastrophe that is not one.

On the margin : Iceland recorded its coldest temperatures for 30 years in June 2022. In Jakustk Russia the coldest temperatures were recorded last winter ( - 47° ), in Antarctica temperatures continue to fall and measurements have been taken as low as - 93°; in several US states it has been colder than usual for some time. In the Bering Strait, it is freezing so hard this summer that ships are running aground.

If it is only temporarily warmer than usual in certain specific locations in the West, it is not global warming but a recurring natural phenomenon.

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