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The virus H3N2 ( better known as dog flu ) is reportedly mutating into a version that can also infect and sicken humans.

According to a Chinese study, the dog flu originated from bird flu, has now nested in all mammals and there might me a health crisis looming or at least an increased risk for humans.

For the study, click here :

Forbes relates that there has been an an outbreak of the dog flu virus in the US in December 2022 in which 20% of infected dogs showed no symptoms but 80% would have become seriously ill.

According to ( yes there is a website just on this topic ) dog flu is a disease without borders.

" This highly contagious disease began as an isolated case of respiratory illness in one state, and has now become a national health risk for all dogs. Dogs have no natural immunity to dog flu because it is a newer virus.

This virus is easily spread by dogs that move around a lot, such as rescue dogs or dogs traveling with their owners. Thus, dog flu has spread from state to state. Many dogs are boarded, go to daycare centers or visit groomers where close contact with other dogs puts them at high risk.

Dog flu spreads more easily during social behavior between dogs and humans. This includes:

- Through direct contact, when dogs kiss, lick or cuddle each other.

Through the air by coughing or sneezing

- From contaminated objects such as food and water bowls, toys, doorknobs or clothing.

- Human touch, such as the hands of pet owners, animal clinic staff or shelter workers can infect dogs.

"To keep pets safe, more and more animal shelters are requiring all dogs to be vaccinated against canine influenza, similar to the requirements for Bordetella (kennel cough) - another highly contagious pathogen that causes respiratory diseases."

Vaccination of all dogs against the extremely dangerous and contagious dog flu virus. Given the fact that almost no one has followed this recommendation and dogs do travel once a while, a variant has now been discovered at the other side of the world, that is China, where dog flu is also occurring and very many pets have already been culled, which now reportedly spreads to humans.

You get the picture ?

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