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On 22.03.1980, an unknown person erected a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia ( US ). This monument consisted ( V.V.T. ) of six large pillars on which, in eight different languages, were engraved 10 points for humanity, with directions for the survivors of a future apocalypse who need to build a new and especially better civilisation.

The land on which the monument stands was officially bought by a certain R. C. Christian who is also said to have commissioned it but it was revealed quite soon that this was not his real name and the owner wants to keep his true identity hidden. Since then, there has been much speculation about the purpose of this monument and its still unknown owner until further notice.

The Georgia Guidestones have become famous mainly because of the text the unknown person had engraved on the columns.

The first point is the most controversial :

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 In perpetual balance with nature

followed closely by the last point :

Be not a cancer on the earth -Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature

A shorter message, in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian, classical Greek and Sanskrit says: 'Let these be guidestones to an age of reason'.

On 06.07.2022, at noon ( local time ), someone blew up the column on which the texts in eight languages are written with explosives. The other pillars were still there but have since been demolished with a crane.

The worldwide web is spinning madly. Now there is speculation about who blew up the column and why.

Bread and circuses.

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