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OPINION- Carine Knapen

Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem ( CD&V ) has introduced a " brilliant " novelty. Tax returns for the assessment year 2023 ( INC2022 ) have been made " gender neutral ". From now on, the first column will no longer show a M or F but the age, and in case of joint declarations of spouses, the age of the eldest first.

What this has to do with "gender neutrality", even Jesus doesn't know and neither does Van Peteghem who, with his economic education of yesteryear, may have taken a course in Civil Law but that was so long ago that he has forgotten all about it.

Time for a lesson in law.

Gender neutral, Mr Van Peteghem, means that a person's gender cannot be deduced from the available data. In practice, this even goes a step further : a person's gender cannot be inferred from clothing and looks.

If you want to throw away the Christian family values that CD&V still stands for until further notice, with this gender neutral nonsense, Mr. Van Peteghem, then do it over the entire line and delete all citizens' first names as well. An Anita or a Suzanne is clearly a woman and a John, Peter and Paul clearly a man. Replace with the first letter of their first name so that it's no longer possible to deduct whether they are an M, F or non-binary. A. Jansen, S. Peters and V. Van Peteghem. That is neutral.

And the ID card? Replace first names with one letter there too because ... digital declarations must be made via ITSME. Of course, it cannot be that a declaration has to be neutral but filing it via ID card still allows the gender of the citizen to be determined, right ?

To enhance gender neutrality, you shall also order the removal of profile picture as this too usually allows gender determination.

How so, Mr Van Peteghem, that aint possible ? There is a solution for that too. Every citizen must shave his head bald and men also their moustache or beard (if any) and everyone on the photo must wear a black neutral robe. Of course no make-up because that betrays gender, except for transgenders, transsexuals and co, they are allowed to, the more the merrier, including fake wigs because we cannot discriminate them can we ?

Is gender neutrality now guaranteed ?

No. Birth certificates also need to be changed. From now on, parents of newborns will no longer declare a boy or a girl but an "it". Neutral, no gender.

Or wait, I have an even better idea. Scrap everything, name, first name, gender, de facto everything a person usually identifies himself with and give every citizen a number. Now that's really neutral. Can't derive anything at all from it. Or maybe you have already figured this out yourself by providing national register number aka date of birth in the first column on the tax return ? That is a unique number. Genderless. Neutral.

STOP THE H... WITH THIS WOKE NONSENSE. Nobody asked for this. Men will always be men and women always be women. Those who want to be neither one nor the other will have to remain the exception, not become the rule for all.

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