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Then you sit back and have a drink on a terrace while the fires rage around you.

For over 4 months, our neighbors are protesting against the pension reform that Macron pushed through without a vote in Parliament. Every week and sometimes for days at a time, in 180 cities. They persist even though the French Constitutional Court has rejected the claim of some MPs on how the pension reform came around. The French want the pension reform off the table and Macron gone. They do not care about being beaten to death, blasted with gas grenades, bitten by police dogs. Nothing can knock them off their feet.

WWHISPER wishes the brave French all happiness and success. It is just about time for state leaders and their vassals do understand that they are at the service of the people and not of an unworldly elite that wants to push through a new world order where citizen become a number with no rights.

If the French do not want a pension reform, Macron MUST do as they request. If the French do not want to see billions to be thrown at a non-EU country and a war that is not theirs but not a penny is spent on the good of their own people, Macron MUST go.

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