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The two motions of no confidence tabled in Parliament last week against the application of art.49.3 of the Constitution on pension reform without a vote in Parliament has been rejected on March 20th by 278 votes. It took 287 votes ( or 9 more ) to overturn the government. The Macron government thus remains in the saddle and will implement the planned reform without a democratic process.

The French people are furious and now also feel betrayed by their elected representatives. There are violent demonstrations in all French cities, from Paris over Rennes to Montpellier.

In the Flemish programm De Afspraak, the federal secretary of state for finance said on 20 March 2023 that Belgian pensions should also be reviewed in minus. The people have not yet understood that the reforms in France are almost identical to those in the pipeline in Belgium.

With regard to France, the media only emphasize raising the retirement age while the essence of the story, both in France and Belgium, is about scaling back pension rights and reducing pensions. Pensions have to come down to contain the budget deficit. How will the Belgian people react when the cat is out of the bag ?

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