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Despite the fact that there have been almost daily demonstrations in just about every city for 2 months against Macron's planned pension reform, the French Senate nevertheless passed the draft pension reform law early this week.

Easy. Macron has the majority in the Senate. In Parliament, on the other hand, he does not have that majority. He knew that if he presented the draft to the 150 MPs it would be rejected, so he used his Presidential prerogative and applied, through his prime minister, art.49.3 of the Constitution to pass the law without a vote in Parliament.

In six years, the President has preferred this procedure 12 times in order to avoid submitting his measures to the vote of the deputies. The will of the people and the Parliament representing the people leaves him completely cold.

What is Article 49 point 3 of the Constitution ?

To get a text passed without a vote in the National Assembly, the president can assume the responsibility of the government by triggering Article 49(3) of the Constitution. The bill is then deemed adopted if a motion of censure against the government is not passed by the National Assembly. Conversely, if a motion of censure is passed, the government is overturned and the text is rejected.

Macron is thus taking a big risk.

The Parliament is completely upside down. The country is bursting at the seams and so is the press. Last night, heavy riots broke out in several cities. Vehicles, wastebins and buildings were set on fire. These riots continue unabated today.

In a press release early this morning MP Eric Ciotti ( LR ) has stated that the Republicans will not vote against censorship. LR is Macron's party.

In response, MP Philippe Martinez ( CGT ) called on the people increase mobilizations and strikes even more.

The French revolution is a fact.

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