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It is not known in our part of the world that Sarkozy is criminally prosecuted since quite some years for all kinds of criminal acts he committed while in office as French president. The French press has talked about it extensively but the news has never made it across the border.

Sarkozy's current conviction, however, is a holy present for the press.

Sarkozy has also been sentenced to 3 years in prison in the case related to illegal eavesdropping ( known as " l'affaire des écoutes " ) in degree appeal, of which 1 year was effectively with electronic ankle bracelet.

His lawyers have declared that their client is innocent and that they are appeal before the Supreme Court ( Court de Cassation ). However, what they did not mention is that this upper court is not competent to hear the case on the merits ( in other words it is not a third instance ) but only has jurisdiction to verify whether the first and second degree judges have applied the laws and norms. Thus, a judgment of a Court of Appeal can only be broken if this court finds that existing laws and norms have been violated. In that case, the file is referred by Cassation to another Court of Appeal, which reassesses the case and possibly reinstates a conviction that may be more severe.

What Sarkozy's lawyers also fail to mention is that the part of the prison sentence that is now conditional ( 2 years ) will be converted into an effective prison sentence if the person is convicted again for criminal practices within a 5-year period. There are 11 other court proceedings against Sarkozy, nine of which are still pending.

There is still hope. Sometimes justice does its job as it should.

Sarkozy is the first to be thrown under the bus by deep state. Others will follow. The saviors who will emerge will be more dangerous.

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