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Farmers get subsidies to sow grass in winter to prevent soil erosion. In spring, they can then spray the grass and all the bacteria in the soil to death with RoundUp (see the orange grass in the picture).

Facts about glyphosate (active ingredient in RoundUp)

- never patented as a weedkiller, but as ANTIBIOTICUM

-men claim it is harmless to humans and animals. Do you know 1 antibiotic that has no side effects in humans and animals?

-75% of rainwater in the US contains RoundUp

-100% of beers meanwhile contain this substance

-There are bacteria in nature that break down glyphosate, but many times more glyphosate is pumped into nature than these bacteria can process

-there is a very strong link between the use of this substance since the 1980s and autism, dementia, MS, Alzheimer's...

-that if 16% of all agriculture were organic, RoundUp's (Bayer (Monsanto)) revenue model would be under pressure...

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