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Carine Knapen

The Dutch CBS ( Central Bureau of Statistics ) published an analysis of excess mortality in the Netherlands on 25.01.2023 and headlines " third year in a row with excess mortality "

" More than 14,000 more people than expected died in the Netherlands in 2022, which is much more than in 2015 and 2018 with the heavy flu waves. The excess mortality is highest among younger people under the age of 50. In that category, 13% more died than average."

For Belgium, HLN recently announced a 19% excess mortality rate. Statbel on its website, in turn, speaks of a 5.5% excess mortality rate. However, we do not ( anymore ) receive detailed figures with numbers over the whole year and a list of causes of death. We have to make do with an announcement. The main cause of death is CVD (cardio vascular diseases, heart failure, etc.).

Exactly the same phenomenon is occurring in other countries, including Germany, Austria,France, Spain, Italy, the UK,the US, Australia ....

Significant over mortality everywhere.

UK : excess mortality worst in 50 years

Germany : excess mortality 37% higher

Austria : excess mortality 33%

France : +9.9%

Spain : 33,165 more deaths

Italy : excess mortality highest in 70 years

USA : excess mortality 350,000 by 2022

Australia : excess mortality 13%

According to Eurostat, the average excess mortality rate in Europe is +16%. The excess mortality we have seen everywhere since 2021 continues unabated.

How on earth is it possible that in a multitude of countries so many young people " suddenly " die and there is a significant excess mortality in all these countries ?

How on earth is it possible that in all these countries we also " suddenly " see a sharp increase in life-threatening diseases such as cancers, blood diseases, autoimmune diseases and heart diseases such as myocarditis and pericarditis ?

What do all these countries have in common ? What has happened that in 2021, 2022 and also in 2023, there is an excess mortality in EVERY COUNTRY of mostly younger people (which is not due to a virus) ?

It is not because of the air they breathed, not because of the particulate matter that has been there off and on for many years, not because of what they ate; nor because they stood too long in the shower, tied their laces, sat in the sun too much, slept in the wrong position and all those other things that the press tells us are the cause of heart failure. They did all those things already BEFORE 2021 and that has never been a problem but " suddenly ", as from 2021, it is ?

By what then ?

A further analysis forces itself upon us.

1. In countries with low vaccination coverage, there is no excess mortality. However, people in those countries take the same daily actions as in the West.

2.Several studies have now shown that mortality rates increase as vaccination rates increase. The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the mortality and excess mortality.

3. autopsies show that all corpses of " sudden " deaths are full of blood clots; of this there are a multitude of recordings that leave nothing to the imagination

4. the vaccine manufacturers ( including Pfizer ) already knew ab initio that their mRNA product caused strong side effects with potentially fatal results. Between 01.12.2020 and 28.02.2021, many people have already died suddenly, after vaccination with one dose.

In law, evidence can be provided in different ways. Either through direct evidence, or indirect evidence through concordant presumptions.

There is only one possible answer to the question of what causes excess mortality.

In all the countries where there has been excess mortality since 2021 ( which is not due to a virus ), the population en masse has had an experimental mRNA product injected into their bodies that alters their DNA. It is irreversible. It is in their blood. The lucky ones survive. The unlucky ones don't.

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