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The European Gendarmerie Force ( or Eurogendfor ) is an operational, pre-organized and rapidly deployable intervention force composed exclusively of elements of different European police forces with a military status of the parties to carry out all policing tasks in the context of crisis management operations, as stipulated in Article 1 of the Treaty establishing the European Gendarmerie Force.

Eurogendfor was created in 2006 and operates in secret. Its headquarters are in Italy but its staff can be deployed anywhere. Virtually no one knows of its existence.

Eurogendfor describes its mission as follows :

"Past experiences in peace support operations have emphasized that police missions in international crisis management are an essential tool for conflict prevention and strengthening international stability.

EUROGENDFOR is offered as an operational, pre-organized, robust and rapidly deployable unit capable of performing all police tasks. EUROGENDFOR can be made available primarily to the EU, UN, OSCE, NATO and other international organizations or ad hoc coalitions.

The military status of the police forces in EUROGENDFOR and the capacity to cover the full spectrum of police functions give the necessary flexibility to operate under a civilian chain of command and, in certain circumstances, even under a military chain of command. The circumstances will be defined and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the scenario, mission and forces to be deployed. The mandate will always be supported by a clear legal basis consisting of relevant UN Security Council resolutions or political guidance from the EU or other IOs.

The added value EUROGENDFOR can bring to international crisis management is twofold: an appropriate tool to act in a non-sovereign environment, especially during deputy missions, and rapid deployment capability.

In order to define the required capabilities, the following generic scenarios in which EUROGENDFOR may be asked to intervene have been identified:

You probably already have noticed that the police forces dressed as robocops at every demonstration in any European country are usually dressed the same way, equipped with the same weapons and other equipment and also behave in exactly the same way : brutal, merciless and extremely violent. These are not domestic police officers but troops of Eurogendfor, the EU's secret European police service.

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