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April 2023 :

The previous payment of 1,5 billion dates from 21.03.2023:

The one before of 1,2 billion from 21.02.2023:

EU aid to Ukraine is done on a monthly basis. Around 1.5 billion euros is paid each month. This was decided by Ursula Von der Leyen in October 2022 while the European population is groaning under inflation and soaring prices.

The matter is reaching absurd proportions, especially when we consider that Stoltenberg ( NATO ) recently announced that 150 billion in aid has already been given to Ukraine. In just over 1 year's time.

What is being done with all that money ? The Zelensky administration does not give any account of how the funds are spent. It is an open faucet.

The EU is guilty of mismanagement. It is bound to watch over and act in the interest of European citizens. However, EU funds ( which come from the member states and hence our tax money ) are not spent in priority on European citizens but on a country that is not part of the EU. Hemlock. Brutal madness.

The member states are themselves co- responsible for this mismanagement. After all, they allow it to happen. More than that, they go along which is far beyond just allowing it.

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