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Last Friday, April 21 2023, the European Parliament voted in favor of the European Union's new migration pact.

This pact strips member states of national sovereignty and authority to decide on migration issues and gives the European Commission, chaired by Ursula Von der Leyen, the exclusive power to impose "compulsory quotas for migration movements" of any size and nationality for any country. Member states cannot refuse it ( anymore ).

It looks like the contents of a previous article " will the European disapear in the foreseeable future ?" will become reality. The door of large migration flows is now wide open. It is common knowledge that Ursula is a staunch supporter of migration to Europe to combat the sharp ageing issue ( and compensate for the pertinent excess mortality occurring since 2021 - see also previous article )

This pact will undoubtedly lead to the exit of some EU member states, starting with Hungary which, under the auspices of President Orban, refuses to accept quotas and opposes to migrants of certain origins.

It is incomprehensible that Charles Michel, former Belgian prime minister and now President of the European Parliament as well as Belgian EU parliamentarians of all parties, have allowed Belgium to surrender its national sovereignty in such an important matter to a Commission that is not democratically elected but nevertheless allows itself to interfere in national matters that have a heavy impact on the economy, the social network and the citizens.

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