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On 20.07.2022, Aldi opened its first cashless supermarket in Utrecht.

The shop system works exclusively with QR codes. Customers cannot pay by cash, bancontact or credit card.

When a customer enters the supermarket, he must scan his QR code. That QR code must be requested in advance Without a QR code, you cannot buy anything and you cannot enter.

Once the QR code is scanned, the customer is registered and may make purchases. Then, 475 cameras record every movement the customer makes. Under each item is a weight sensor that registers when a product is taken off the shelf. Payment can still only be made using a QR code linked to the customer's credit card. At the exit of the shop, customers need to scan their QR code again and then the purchase price of all items registered via the weight sensors and cameras will automatically go off their account.

While Aldi promises that all recorded images as well as the list of purchases are not kept but immediately destroyed, whether it will keep that promise remains an open question. People's data is a commodity these days, worth a lot of money, especially when it comes to our buying behaviour, which has been manipulated and (re)directed for years.

If you look at a few items in any web shop that you do not buy, you will see those same items again the following week on any other web page you click to convince you to buy them anyway. Once your buying behaviour is known, you will also see articles of things you might like appear on all the web pages.

If people accept the Aldi shop formula, the gate will be opened and we will soon see the QR code appear in all supermarkets. Some chains, including in Belgium, are experimenting with new formulas that they can push further. In the Action chain, they have installed scanning systems in every shop itself where customers can now only pay with a bank card. No longer with cash. Their actions at the self-scan checkout are filmed and recorded. There is now only one real cash register in each shop but customers may only use it if their trolley is full and it is too much for the self-scan.

Delhaize is also experimenting with a self-scanning system that only allows digital payments.

The sect wants a cashless society. Total control. During the staged Covid pandemic ( which was never a pandemic according to the guidelines of science ) they tried to convince the peoples that cash is " contagious " and we are all better off paying digitally with a credit card, which is also contagious because everyone touches the ATM machine with their dirty hands. In many supermarkets, therefore, there were cotton swabs on the counter so that customers no longer had to press their bank code with their fingers but via a cotton swab. This is much more hygienic. The hysteria was so great that many did the same ( besides disinfecting their shopping trolleys ). No matter how crazy they come up with it, the mob always goes along with it.

We must all say a firm NO to the dystopian state that supermarkets bring about. Supermarkets are extremely powerful. They decide which items can be sold in their shops and which cannot. Brands have to pay fat for good shelf space. At eye level is the most expensive. The lower down, the cheaper, but still pricey.

Farmers are squeezed like a lemon. They get almost nothing for their produce and have to meet very strict criteria. At the slightest trifle, the produce they supply is rejected or they get even less. Fresh fruit and vegetables have to be transported in cold stores and dropped off at a certain temperature measured on arrival. Half a degree warmer and they are allowed to pack up again. They don't get a penny and can only sell their products to middlemen or at markets.

Manufacturers of biscuits and other delicacies are forced to compromise on the quality of their products because supermarkets only pay a certain ( low ) price for them while their costs have gone up. For example, it has already been leaked that they no longer use butter but a cheap fat, they make their biscuits smaller and put fewer biscuits in a pack (18 instead of 20). Formally, this is called ' shrinkflation '. You pay the same or slightly more than before but get less value for your money.

WE hereby call on everyone to boycott the ALDI chain in the Netherlands and Belgium and to stop shopping there, to send a clear signal that we do not agree with its new formula. Get rid of it. We, the customers, decide how we want to do our shopping and how we do or do not want to pay.

If hardly anyone still buys from ALDI, the chain will have no choice but to tie that back in and respect the customer for what he is : the king who brings in money.

More than that, we also call on everyone to buy as much as possible from the middle class ( small shops owned by themselves ) and from the farmers themselves. You may pay a little more than in a supermarket that only lures you with firm discounts to draw you away from the small shops that cannot offer such discounts, but ... in doing so, you are actively contributing to the preservation of the middle class, the small trader, the farmers.

We must not let them get away with it. If we do, then in the foreseeable future we will have no middle class and no farmers left and we will be completely dependent on the big supermarket chains that can shove anything down our throats because there is nothing else.

An example.

A few years ago, the supermarket chain Auchan planned to build a mega supermarket near Lille/Lille. The intention was to make it a " total experience ", a shopping city where customers could find everything including clothes, electronics etc....

That plan was met with very strong opposition from the local middle class in the surrounding villages and towns. They complained that if Auchan moved in, their business would go bankrupt.

Their opposition was dismissed. Auchan moved in and waved big discounts on many products ( marketing strategy to lure people ).

Three years later, a French camera crew started filming in the villages and communes that had put up resistance at the time. There were no more shops. Everyone had closed their business. The villages and communes were dead. There was no more life.

This phenomenon also occurred in numerous villages and communes in Belgium. Here too, the middle class has taken heavy blows in favour of the big chains that are taking more and more power and have now reached the point where they want to subject us to a totalitarian regime in which we no longer have any rights or freedoms.

Say STOP ! Do it not only for yourself but also for your children so that they will soon be able to shop as they please, without a QR code.

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