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On February 6th 2023, 125 earthquakes with a magnitude of at least 2.5 have occurred worldwide, of which 68 in Turkey. That is an extraordinary number.

The world press is focusing exclusively on the earthquakes in Turkey, which have terrible consequences for the South East of Turkey as well as Syria and Lebanon. Thousands of innocent civilians have lost their lives, death toll that will rise considerably as thousands more lie under the rubble. People have been overwhelmed in their sleep by the earthquake, the first of which occurred at 02h16 CET. President Orban speaks of the worst disaster since 1939 when an earthquake killed more than 30,000 people.

On the other hand, we hear nothing about the many earthquakes in other locations around the world while several with magnitudes of 5- 5.5 have occurred, including in Kazakhstan, Indonesia,Argentina, Taiwan, the Samoa Islands and New Zealand.

Minor earthquakes have also occurred in Mexico ( M4), Chili, Alaska ( M3;9) and in New York State, more specifically Buffalo. ( M3.8 ) which is described as the strongest in 40 years.

Earthquakes take place constantly around the world. Similarly, on 09 January 2023, there was a massive earthquake in Indonesia with a magnitude of 7.6 ( even stronger than Turkey ) that caused a lot of devastation but also did not make the press.

Over the past 365 days, there have been 901 earthquakes in Indonesia only.

Given the wide distribution of earthquakes on Turkish territory, one cannot really speak of an epicentre. The depth also varies greatly depending on the location ( between 8.8 and 20.1 km ). The magnitude of the earthquakes is not determined by its depth as claimed by some news channels. The theory put forward by the press that continental plates collided and caused the multitude of earthquakes raises questions, especially since earthquakes occurred on the same day in many parts of the world, not always on or near a fault line.

Click on the location in the link below and you will get all the details.

On 04 February 2023, 9 countries closed their embassies and consulates in Turkey and withdrew their staff due to an alleged terror threat which will have a severe impact on tourism in Turkey,that is a major source of income for the country. The same day, there was also a quarel between President Orban and the USA over a refusal to deliver F35s ordered and already paid for.

Orban has stated that this will have severe consequences.

Incidentally, he has also been at loggerheads with NATO for some time. He has vetoed the accession of Finland and Sweden. For Finland he has now, quite unexpectedly, changed his position but not for Sweden because of recent riots in the country that included public burning of the Koran. and targeting Turkey.

All these events right before the earthquakes is food for thought.

Is this a natural phenomenon or did the Americans give nature a helping hand by using HAARP which is commonly known to be able to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with directed beams into the ionosphere?

In any case, it is good and shows of a sense of solidarity that 45 countries have offered help to Turkey and its citizens who, as usual, have to suffer the terrible consequences of what is supposed to be a natural phenomenon but may also have been caused by a handful of people who are strong in conjuring tricks and may be trying to distract attention from something else that is in the making or is already happening right under our noses.

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