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Drag queen Barbada aka Sébastien Potvin has reportedly been nominated for the Nobel Peace Award 2023.

Normally, nominees are not announced by the Nobel committee but when the nomination was leaked, it was not denied.

The Nobel committee justified its surprise nomination by saying that Barbada has done as much for world peace as Nobel laureate Barack Obama did in 2009.

So what exactly has Barbada done to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize ?


" Barbada is a character created 17 years ago by Sébastien Potvin.

A few years ago, he came up with the idea to create L'heure du conte, a concept he presented to children in libraries. Shortly afterwards, he was asked by producer Marc-André Grondin to create a television project for children featuring the character Fanfreluche.

The discussion immediately turned to the famous question: are children ready for a drag queen? And the sub-question: are the parents ready?

Sébastien Potvin : " the children are ready, there is no doubt about it. We tend to forget this, but what children want in life is to have fun and enjoy themselves. That is what childhood is all about.

"Children only see the colourful costume, they don't care that I have hair on my legs. Sometimes the older ones wonder why I have a deep voice, but that's all."

More and more transvestites are entering the world of children. The idea of storytelling first appeared in the United States with The Drag Queen Story Hour. A few years ago, Quebec audiences discovered the characters Samantha Oups, in which two comedians in female attire personified Samantha and Chantal, two funny girls who are fans of Jean-Luc Delarue.

Sébastien Potvin has no theatre training, but he considers his experience as a drag queen a great learning experience.

If a drag queen could get a Nobel Peace Prize for entertaining small children about transgender and drag stories, the world would is completely f... up.

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