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At a court hearing of March 8 2023, Dr Robert Redfield, former director of the US Center of Disease Control ( CDC ) has been questioned about various aspects of Sars Cov2.

The man has thrown all the registers on the table. It is unfortunate that he did not do so earlier, more specifically at the time when the events he is currently testifying about occurred. If he had done so then, perhaps, the world would not have been strangled with a viral hoax that surpasses everything else in the ranking of political lies. But then again, better late than never.

In the first video, Dr Robert Redfield explains that 3 things happened at the Wuhan lab in September. 1) they destroyed the sequences which is very peculiar and indicates that traces were erased 2) they transferred the command and control of the lab from civilian to military ( ??? ) and 3) significant is the fact that a contractor rebuilt the ventilation system which indicates that a major event took place at the lab in September.

It is reportedly a lie that the first Sars Cov2 cases were not identified until November 2019. There were already several cases in September, among others on three employees of the lab.

In the second video below, Dr Robert Redfield explains that Dr Fauci and Dr Collins had excluded him from meetings because they wanted to maintain control over the narrative surrounding the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and because he had a different view.

"As a virologist, I can say with certainty that SARS or MERS cannot pass from human to human. I thought this virus was too infectious for humans; there was a lot of evidence - which the lab published back in 2014 - that they put the ACE2 receptor in humanized mice so it could infect human tissue."

" I did not know that I was excluded from the discussions by Fauci. I didn't know there was a conference call on 1 February until FOIA came out with the emails, and I was pretty angry as the CDC director that I was excluded... they came up with one one-sided narrative that contradicts the science."

In the third video below, Dr. Redfield explains that the creation of Sars Cov 2 was funded with US taxpayer money from NIH, State Department, USAID and DOD ( Department of Defense )

"They wanted one narrative, and I had a different point of view.... Science has debate, and they quashed every debate. I think there is no doubt that NIH funded research into function gain of the virus."

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