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Donald Trump is indicted for an alleged affair 8 years ago with a porn star he allegedly paid hush money. Paying " hush money " is illegal.

Good. Then let's talk again about Bill Clinton who has been sued before civil court by Paula Jones in 1994 for sexual harassment and sexual assault while he was governor of the state of Arkansas. Bill reached an out-of-court settlement with her in 1998 that involved the payment of $850,000 in damages.

Now that Trump has been indicted, a lot of Americans have brought this story back up and pointed out the double standards politics. Democrats are allowed to have affairs and pay hush money. Repubicans on the other hand, are criminally prosecuted.

As expected, fact checkers immediately jumped on the issue. They qualify the $850,000 hush money payment by Bill Clinton to Paula Jones as " false".

Not wrong, but false. There's no right and wrong anymore. There's only true and false. And of course, everything that does not follow the narrative is false.

How they come up with that? Well, read what they write ...

"Multiple legal experts say Clinton's $850,000 payment to Jones as part of a settlement agreement is not considered "hush money" because the facts of the case were already public knowledge.

"According to David Weinstein, former assistant US attorney, hush money is a term used to describe a payment made to prevent someone from disclosing details about something.

While it is true that Clinton paid $850,000 to settle a lawsuit filed against him in 1994, the civil case in question had already been filed, and the facts were publicly known before the $850,000 was paid, Weinstein said.

"Silence money is to keep someone quiet, hence the name," said Jerry Goldfeder, an expert on election and campaign finance and public integrity research. "Paying someone to settle a lawsuit in public is not."

"Verdict: False

Clinton's $850,000 payment was part of a settlement in a lawsuit, not an agreement to keep her quiet about the alleged incidents. Jones' allegation was public at the time of the payment"

How hypocrite can one be! Paying damages to lift court proceedings and avoid conviction is also a form of paying hush money. Stop litigating and remain silent.

And what to say about Bill Clinton's 1995 affair with his internal assistant Monica Lewinski at the time of his presidential tenure ? He lied through his teeth about this. Not once, but constantly. Clinton has been subject of an impeachment procedure that ended up in a hissy fit. He proceeded to confession, patting himself on the chest with apologies. End of story. Clinton has never been criminally prosecuted as is currently the case with Trump. Moreover, in 1996, Bill Clinton was re-elected president for a second term, whilst Monica's life was ruined..

Not to mention everything George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are guilty of that has also been generously covered up.

Double standards.

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